Apple’s extraordinary attack on Samsung and Android

“Phil Schiller, the second most powerful executive at Apple, has made an extraordinary attack on Google’s Android software just before Samsung – the biggest user of the software – launches its new Galaxy S4 smartphone,” Richard Holt reports for The Telegraph. “Mr Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing and de facto number two, said that Google’s own research showed the vast majority of Android users were stuck on older versions of the software, and that Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 may itself be introduced with an out-of-date operating system that will need updating.”

“‘With their own data, only 16 percent of Android users are on year-old version of the operating system,’ he said. ‘More than 50% are still on software that is two years old. A really big difference,’ he told Reuters,” Holt reports. “Mr Schiller said the fragmentation – the number of versions of the Android operating system out in the marketplace – is in itself a problem, adding: ‘And that extends to the news we are hearing this week that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is being rumoured to ship with an OS that is nearly a year old,’ he said. ‘Customers will have to wait to get an update.'”

Holt reports, “He continued: ‘When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with. They don’t work seamlessly together.'”

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        1. Shame Apple has shi….oh wait………………………… …………………(reading the blog post above)……………….(reading the full article nowwww)…………ok finished. Permission to comment…?………Shame Apple has shifted its focus from creating superior products and selling them with hype, secrecy, unicorn tears, fairy dander and dark matter to….crap I forgot what I was gonna say……

      1. who is one who is two?

        samsung sells more phones than apple, apple makes more profit.

        in the general public and general press (go see the many articles in WSJ, NYT saying samsung is leading because of market share) samsung is No. 1. Also if you consider Samsung as an entire company with all its subsidiaries it has greater revenue than Apple. If you count ALL Android manufacturers plus Google, they are larger than apple (and collectively spend many times Apple’s marketing budget. )

        and samsung has been whacking apple for years without retaliation (re: Superbowl ads)

        Although I wince slightly at the TIMING of Schillers talk (just at Samsung launch) its high time Apple smack Samsung and Google.

        (Google has full time evangelists travelling the globe bashing apple. Even famous apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki has joined Google).

    1. Phil is doing it Apple style.

      Lets hope its enough. We have heard the hardware software connection theory so many times before.

      And as true as it is… The honest thing here is one damn gmail account opens just as many possibilities as iTunes has does. Maps, online word docs n presentations… you need to buy Apples superior suite… not so with google docs… icloud – google has that same ddrive in the sky also. Phil isnt telling everyone WHY and explaining or showing the differences… He needs to do more. The Android apps do truly suck – yes even the free ones. Yet people are getting a smartphone experience no matter what Phil tells them.

      Show, demonstrate, prove and win them over Phil. Why is iOS so much better. One example is, Android has redundancy launch pages. Its silly i can customize a page of apps or i can press one button to see all my android crappy apps. Apple allows you to arrange all apps as i wish… in my order in my folders and pages. Totally customizable and superior over Android.

      Airplay and iCloud need to be demonstrated by Phil… ADVERTISE the real TREASURES of iOS… show us why its BETTER. Not just SAY it is.

      Apple needs to do more regarding this — or blow us away with new products… easier to Destroy Android and FORCE Samsung to find a NEW OS. Then Apple has no worries whatsoever.

      1. Does it need to though_

        Apple has sold extremely well, i think due to their whole software-hardware-look appeal….

        advertising has cetaily helped…. but i want a smooth exprience… thatst what i get and i tell my friends about it..

  1. The Manipulator: Extraordinary attack in the thermonuclear war may potential wipe out androids and other robots. Wall Street has called for an emergency session so that it can address the UN and give out loans to developing nations in returns for sanctions against Apple. Expect stock to drop.

  2. Information published on the forum claimed that the phone has a 1080p display, runs Android 4.2.1, has a 1.8GHz Universal5410 processor and 2GB of RAM.

    Universal5410 is “likely a codename for the Exynos Octa 5410, an eight-core processor with four A15 cores for power and four A7 cores for power efficiency”.

    SamMobile reported that it had been told by “an insider” that the Galaxy S4 would have a PHOLED screen, which is more energy efficient than the standard OLED screen.

    Last week it was reported that the new handset would scroll the screen based on the movement of the user’s eyes, which would be tracked by the front-facing camera.

    Other rumours have said the Galaxy S4 will have wireless charging capabilities, using the Qi standard supported by Google and Nokia, and a 5-inch, 1080×1920 pixel display with 480 pixel-per-inch density.

    Iphone 5 is about to look silly, the 5S rumors even look bad based on these specs. Enjoy your laurels Apple, soon they will all be gone, just like your phone customers..

      1. Your right, they should be made of shiny metal that you need to hold a certain way and easily shattered and scratched glass instead. It is best to use materials that break easy to drive repeat customers.

    1. Mickey Dell, is that you? I thought you were busy playing with your computer company’s privates. No wait is that that’s Ed Colligan, don’t look now Ed but the joke is in the PALM of your hand. Naw…. it couldn’t be Steve…. Steve, Steve Balmer, how ya doing monkey boy? Hey aren’t you supposed to be banned from the site? How’s that Surface and Zune doing for you by the way? Do you actually have a phone yet? Oh no, you just make software, riiiiight.

      Billy baby, how is the Gates family, did they ever fix that uh, problem of yours. Nice to see you still alive. Hey did you hear that “trolls R Us” needs new funding? They are running out of new lines. Could be a great tax ripoff, uh right off….

        1. Given you said this…’Your right, they should be made of shiny metal that you need to hold a certain way and easily shattered and scratched glass instead. It is best to use materials that break easy to drive repeat customers’
          …I’d say you are so totally busted.

    2. Could very well be Fanboy Smasher… but lets see.
      This is merely ROUND two. The fight isnt over.

      I don’t feel wireless charging is going to change my life.

      Quad core does change and additional ram is needed – specially on the shitty low end crap Samsung MAKEs. BUt you will not see these advancements happen on low end devices. Samsung charges a heavy price like Apples iPhone for its top line.

      I totally HATE the multitasking in ANDROID — Apples solution is PURE GENIUS. And for all users its a method that is so simple and a none issue. Totally beautiful and responsible for mobile computing and cellphones.

      You need to understand what Apple does BEST – and rushing to fill the product line is not wise.

      Apple studies the weakness of markets and develops SUPERIOR products to RADICALLY change the Market. APPLE does not COPING but BETTERS the offer. Making a DIFFERENCE. Hardware wire, let Samsung TAKE the lead for a while… APPLE will provide still a BETTER over all product.

      Before iPhone, SmartPhones were not so smart.
      Before iPAD mini the tiny tablet market sucked badly.

      Apple alwasy makes a difference.

      Samsung doesn’t own Android and Phil explanation is so very true BUT for most consumers its a POINT that makes no connection to them – no benefit is seen or understood until people actually use both products. Apples complete line BLOWS every Android device out there. And you KNOW IT Fanboy Smasher… you wish to play the SPEC game go ahead… NOT everything said is BUILT. And wireless charging and eye scrolling is useless in my opinion.

      SIRI is still in BETA. And it is being implemented seemlessly on Desktops and handhelds.. like iMessage and FaceTime. Apples approach is long but steady… IF the WORLD is so impatient then ENJOY the shit.

    3. “Information published on the forum claimed…”

      “…likely a codename for the…”

      “SamMobile reported that it had been told by ‘an insider’…””

      “Last week it was reported that the new handset would…”

      “Other rumours have said…”

      “Iphone 5 is about to look silly, the 5S rumors even look bad based on these specs.”

      Based on exactly what specs? All I see is speculation and spin. There’s not a single FACT in your post. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. Now go back to your day job at Starbuck’s.

  3. Apple, when they were cool, did this with their “I am a Mac” and “I am a PC” ads. They were great and Apple needs to reinvent and renew their TV advertising. What I seen now isn’t great and far from the heart melting ones done with the now old video conferencing ads.

    It is time for the next wave of “I am iOS” and “I am Android”. Take Googles, Samsung and the others in these markets down with fun facts again. Don’t just talk one time about it, make it a campaign again!

    1. Yes, I am IOS and I am Android ads would be wonderful. I can see the Android saying to the iPhone – I can customize my lockscreen with widgets and apps and live weather without jail breaking. I can share bluetooth without and use NFC. I can have more than one homescreen, which I can easily customize. I can simply flick notifications from my notification screen to remove them. And I can close open apps at the same time. Oh, never mind, I forgot you can’t multitask.

      And that would just be in the first ad. I can picture lots and lots of ads comparing the two systems and pointing the deficiencies and how ancient and old looking IOS is.

  4. Apple sent a clear message to Samsung that 2 can play the smear campaign game. How’s it feel now, that the shoe is on the other foot? Happy launch day with a GIANANTIC black question mark to every Galaxy lV buyer: “Why is there an accereration of defection to iPhone?”. My guess is that Apple is not finished yet. 137 BILLION buys alot of smear ads. Take a look at all the “I’m a PC” ads. Oh, it’s fun to poke a stick in the eye of the sleeping giant. Apple has never backed down from setting the record straight. Today’s golden rule is: “He who has all the gold, makes all the rules.” We’ll be watching for all the long lines at Samsung stores – NOT!!! /s

    1. Phil still needs to do more… not this same old approach.
      Please revise the PC and MAC showdown… but do it with Android and IOS…

      Hi I am iOS and heres AndyBotOS…

      SHOW people how and why its not just easier but faster and better to have iOS – that iOS is superior under the hood then MOST people even try to use or understand.

      I have seen some YOUTUBE videos trying to explain why Android is better… but these FOLK don’t even know how to use iPhone.

    2. yeah, but he whose gold is dwindling faster than a supply of flannel, frames, scarves and java in Seattle, should be careful not to obsess over the height of said gold pile.

      The product is the thing.

  5. If the Samsung S4 had no expression, it would go unnoticed. But for Phil to take time and comment on it twice… is because it may hurt!
    And that’s a shame! Why? Because that unused multi million dollar pile afterall can been used.

    1. Add a bit more flexibility to iOS home screen: Apps only doesn’t cut it anymore. Now that Apple taught the world how a smartphone should be done, and now that everybody knows how to operate one, it’s time to show the world new extraordinary things with the typical simplicity and elegance of Apple. iOS is starting to look dated. I think, for instance, that it needs widgets the Apple way. Notifications bar could use some work too…
    2. Small design changes here and there on the UI could make a difference too. Those blue popup dialogue boxes are totally different from the design of the rest of the OS. But overall, iOS should get a bit of visual redesign. iOS is starting to look dated.
    3. For some years iPhones had the best hardware design, but it’s a formula that won’t last forever. And this 4, 4S and 5 design, although is beautiful is now so looong in the tooth! Get rid of those massive “forehead” and “chin” on your phones. It is looking so dated as the endless bezels on the 9,7″ iPad. Look at HTC, they got the lesson from Apple and now they are giving their first steps…

    Please bring out something inspiring! No need to be revolutionary, just evolve the iPhone into the awe-inspiring product it once was. It is a superior product. It is not accessible to everybody.
    Don’t comment on other’s products before they are launched. It sounds like fear to many people, as you may have the opportunity to read for yourself. Instead, act! Do the right thing!
    There’s a lot to do with all the money sitting on the bank.

    1. Phil isn’t in charge of the UI, and everyone should probably be grateful for that fact.

      Jon Ive was recently put in charge of the UI, and he will take his time, make changes judiciously, and will not release it until its ready. another thing to be grateful for.

      Any android idiot like SameDung can make wholesale changes just for the sake of change, benefitting only the marketing dept and not the end user or his/her experience.

      1. No, phone makers can’t change the Android OS. All they can do is develop and add a launcher to the system. But you don’t even have to accept their launcher. You can add your own, which most people do. Among other things, launchers allow you to customize 3D animations between screens or in the app drawer and let you add themes and skin icons – things you have to be jail broken to do on an iPhone.

    2. the iOS interface and home screen is PERFECT.. Android is redundant and stupid — iOS is simple and boring to you… but it does not insult you… IT works perfectly and you can ARRANGE and CUSTOMIZE your apps far more the ANDROID pages — this portion of your request is a NONE issue.

      Dated OS… well better to be USEFUL and COMMON and work then EYE CANDY – perhaps a third party software for those who NEED to have FUN can sell on iTunes.. BUT leave it to a 3rd party NOT apple to mess with PERFECTION.

      YES the secrecy of Apple seems to be the trouble… why not talk a little more about up coming advancements or devices more???

      1. The iOS screen and interface is not perfect. It has evolved and will continue to. Rather than perfect, it’s an ongoing work.
        Still, next to some Android characteristics, it is next to perfect. And I know both. iOS is far more usable and way less frustrating.
        But it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement, for evolution.
        It will die the day it is considered perfect.
        Regarding your position on Android, I totally agree.

      2. Why not talk a little more? Google Osborne Effect.

        If Apple clearly spelled out and diagramed each and every move and product, like you and wallstreet advocate, the SameDung copy machine and others would be able to bring products to market within days of Apple. This would all be seen and misrepreented in the press and media as “Apple has lost its innovation and creative edge”

        Speaking of wallstreet, this is one of the cases where its far better to be damned if you don’t than if you do.

        1. Oh yeah, lets not forget the harsh lesson Apple learned when Steve Jobs pre-announced the 3GHZ G5. Vaporware is still vaporware, doesn’t matter if its from Apple, Google, or MS.

          Interesting sidetrack, Steve made that announcement in 2003. Here we are, almost 10 years later, and interesting enough, no pro or consumer level chip has been clocked much faster than 3 ghz. Sure, they have all added multi threading, and multiple cores, but the speed has stayed pretty much the same. Is there some magical 3GHZ limit?

    3. Please stop the whining about widgets. The average Android phone has a clock and a weather widget on it, and after that only ten percent of owners add even a single widget. Says who? An Apple fanboy? No. Says HTC.

      Widgets are completely irrelevant to 90 percent of smartphone users. They are a geek hobby. You want them so badly, jailbreak your phone and get it over with.

  6. I cant work out if Phill is just posturing to replace Tim and gain a bit more of the spotlight to make the world notice him (neither have steve’s recognition or presence) OR if apple has lost its way.

    I love apple but your lucky to hear them talk about themselves except at special events their PR machine has always been polished and this doesnt quite fit.

  7. We now find out the real truth that Phill Schiller didnt even mention Samsung at all, he spoke of Android in general terms, the story was blown up to make sure bigger page hits could be made.

    To many lies on the Internet with so many half truths and people believe the first dam thing they read…. That’s Stupidity whe you don’t question or dig for the real story and believe the first and only thing out.

    It’s time that people start holding the original posters like the Wall Street journal and NYT acccountable for the lies they throw out, Demanand better and more investigative true stories that hold up to scrutiny and not 3rd party water cooler lies.

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