Samsung likely to pull the plug on its failing Windows RT tablet in Europe

“By now it’s clear that the early reception to Windows RT has been… subdued, to say the least,” Ricardo Bilton reports for VentureBeat.

“Samsung knows it, which is why the company is on the verge of nixing sales of its 10.1-inch Windows RT Ativ Tab in Germany and other European countries, according to reports from a pair of German news outlets,” Bilton reports. “The move is big, big deal. Germany is Europe’s largest economy, so if people aren’t picking up on the device there, sales elsewhere probably aren’t so hot either.”

Bilton reports, “Samsung isn’t alone. Asus CEO Jerry Shen also says that Windows RT has a long trip ahead of it on the road to consumer acceptance.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Failure.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “piero” for the heads up.]

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  1. That sucks. I want to see Samsung flail and waste as much of their unearned money as possible.

    Hopefully Baldmer can convince them to poor some more won down the rat hole with his next grand idea.

      1. Ah the enemy of my enemy kinda thing. I don’t think that every dollar that MS earns is a dollar that Google doesn’t. This thing goes back to when MS was found to be a monopolist that took advantage of it’s monopoly. I don’t associate it with Google directly.

  2. 3 years late has killed MS tablets.

    Apple’s APP customers have been developing software for that long to advance their schools, businesses, healthcare uses, hobbies & personal programs for that long.

    These developers simply can’t afford to port to 3 different OSs with multitudes of versions of each OS.

    In other words, Apple stole the tablet market out from under the very big nose of Ballmer.

      1. Indeed, Steve Jobs himself said the inspiration for the iPad came from tablet PCs – he wanted to show MS how to do it right.

        Can’t wait till Windows is a rounding error!

        1. I read last night that OS X 10.8 is on 2.6% of the computers that hit some ad network and that Windows 8 is on 2.67%. The conclusion being that Windows 8 is at least narrowly beating the competition. Can you believe that there are enough idiots in this world that they continue to buy Microscruft’s software? (Rhetorical question.)

    1. Well, did no one laugh his head out when Ballmer presented his “fabulous” windows tablet?
      Guess few really did… and they where pretty right to do so! :))))

  3. I’m taking bets on when MicroBrainSoft pulls Windows RT off the market.

    My bet: Considering the blatant FAIL of RT right out of the gate, TWO YEARS tops. This lummox of an OS is a bigger FAIL than the Zune. 😛

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