ABI Research: Apple’s iPad will own 75% market share in tablet app downloads

The annual volume of smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion this year, ABI Research’s updated market forecasts show. Of different OS platforms, Google’s Android will account for 58% of the total app downloads, with Apple’s iOS commanding an annual share of 33%. Microsoft’s Windows Phone will finish the year with a slice of slightly smaller than 4%, with BlackBerry trailing it with 3%.

In the meantime, mobile users will download around 14 billion tablet apps during the year. In the tablet segment, iPad’s lead as a development platform remains formidable, as 75% of the amount will be apps running on iOS. For comparison, Android will represent an annual share of 17%, excluding Kindle Fire. Downloads to Amazon’s tablets will warrant a market share of 4%, while around 2% of the total will be for Windows tablets.

Source: Allied Business Intelligence, Inc.


  1. Don’t you think the more complete headline would read,

    “ABI research: Apple’s iOS will own 33% market share in app downloads compared to Android’s 58%”

    picking and choosing sub-segments only denies the obvious: Apple needs to start defending its iOS market share, because it is not keeping pace. get out of denial, Cook.

  2. Lets break it down to one more subset how many of those so called android apps are paid for? The free ones are irrelevant.
    There is a reason apple makes most of the money in the app industry. Because they sell the most and dont still have a huge fragmentation issue.

    1. I don’t agree that “free ones are irrelevant”.

      Any user that chooses Android over Apple, or a free app over a paid app, is a lost opportunity for Apple to win business.

      I do not condone the aristocratic attitude that the plebians don’t matter because Apple serves only the finest customers. Do you guys not remember how the desktop market share competition went? Windows crushed Apple, not in quality, but first in market share, then in profits. Cook is watching the same thing happen under his watch and he doesn’t seem to be lifting a finger to defend market share at all. More aggressive advertising, distribution, and pricing are needed ASAP.

      Why don’t you guys all see this? Way too many like necron99 pride themselves in being willfully ignorant of reality; and then you wonder why AAPL stock isn’t skyrocketing….

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