The last 6 times Tim Cook has talked, Apple’s stock has dropped

“On Wednesday afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed investors and the media at the company’s annual shareholders meeting,” Jason Gilbert reports for The Huffington Post.

“It was the sixth time in the last five months that Cook has made something like a public appearance; and it is also the sixth time in the past five months that Apple’s stock (AAPL) has closed down after Cook appeared,” Gilbert reports. ” It’s a streak that dates back to October 2012, when Cook introduced the iPad mini, and it is a trend that has gone unbroken for about five months now: When Cook appears, AAPL goes down.”

Gilbert reports, “The last time AAPL rose in conjunction with a Tim Cook appearance was in September, when Apple and Cook introduced the iPhone 5 and the stock opened at $666.85 and closed at $669.79. Otherwise, it’s been all downhill for the once sky-high AAPL each time Cook has emerged, no matter what he’s introduced, promised or offered to shareholders.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Dear Tim,



AAPL shareholders

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    1. This is that cause or effect or side note. Yes, Tim Cook and the board where there while the stock went to $705. Not a problem with that. The issue in a publicly traded company is, what are they doing to protect the investors investment. They are not. Is there anything you can think of that they have done to protect or support the value of the Apple shares? Yep. Nothing! That is their job and the problem. It is long time past when they were to do their job.

        1. ‘Way, ‘WAY, ‘W-A-Y too many people are following your “sage” advice, birdy. In fact, they are listening to you and your kind–and dumping their shares–IN DROVES . . . hence the 40% fall. And those who live in the clouds and are staying “long” (including me) must suffer the consequences.

          Like it or not, Tim’s got one more quarter, maybe two, to turn this disaster around with some kind of aggressive, bold, balsy action. That’s a fact. If he can’t, it’s a quick call to Ron Johnson to see if there’s an opening at JCP. (And I say this as a 5700 share/25 year holder of AAPL.)

          Something MUST change here.

      1. Jersey_Trader: Name one thing Apple has done to force down the price of AAPL.

        Rough waters? Full steam ahead! Just watch the result of Apple’s smiling but stuff upper lip. The company is staying the course of sanity and success DESPITE the parasitism from Wall Street. I’d point out the huge DUH Factor here, but apparently insight into today’s self-destructive biznizz environment is extremely hard to find. IOW: You apparently wouldn’t understand. But keep watching and you will! 😀

      2. JT,
        “what are they doing to protect the investors investment ” They are running the company in a fantastic way, making BILLIONS of dollars and selling great products.

        If you want to speculate vs invest, I would suggest Amazon, they are selling billions and making almost nothing and their price is climbing MT. Everest. Just dont be there when it falls off the edge. LOL

    2. Inertia.

      Every product developed under Tim’s leadership has launched late, seen supply problems, been bug-ridden, or has offered so little incremental innovation that it loses market share against its competitors.

      Nobody gives a damn about stock price if it’s clear the company has started to coast — because stock price will eventually reflect the product value that the company offers. Right now, it’s not improving its value. There’s little to nothing that a 2013 Apple product can do that a 2010 Apple product can’t do just about as well. In fact, Apple still sells many products that haven’t been updated since the last decade. That’s just downright embarrassing.

      1. “Every product developed under Tim’s leadership has launched late, seen supply problems, been bug-ridden, or has offered so little incremental innovation that it loses market share against its competitors.”

        Well, except that it has not.

        1. examples?

          Let me give my take on the latest from Cupertino:
          – 2013 update on Retina Macbooks: late and underwhelming.
          – 4th gen iPad: is what the 3rd gen iPad was supposed to be when it rolled out late. includes an overpriced new connector that STILL has practically no 3rd party support. Ripped off customers by overcharging for a goddamn adapter — something Apple does way too often.
          – iOS 6: Maps. enough said
          – 2012 iMac: how long should customers wait for order fulfilment?
          – OS X 10.8: bloat, zero performance gain, more distractions that customers can get at the app level. attempting to push the crappy cloud on customers. not worth the price.
          – iPad mini: late response to Amazon’s junk tablets.

          – iPhone 5: significant advancement, yes, but supply constrained and insufficient to hold of competitors that are gaining market share rapidly
          – MacBook air: nice update. can’t really complain, except now it has competition and needs to be priced more aggressively
          – oh, and here’s what takes the cake: continued stiffarming of Mac Pro customers. Why even advertise how wonderful Thunderbolt is supposed to be if you can’t even put it in your flagship machine?

          have we missed any major breakthroughs in the last couple years? I’m sorry, but this track record is not very impressive.

      2. The revised iMac was the only thing that was late. “Every product developed under Tim”, which includes the iPad Mini, retina Macbook Pros, iOS & OS X updates, and others all arrived on time. There has not been a significant rise in bugs or supply problems – Apple is selling many products as they can build them, and there have been bugs found and patched here & there, and none of this is unusual or seriously damaging.

        Apple is not coasting – they are investing more on research & development than ever, filing more patents, and every sign points to Apple continuing its pattern of inventing a groundbreaking new product once or twice every decade. But even IF they were coasting, they would be coasting on total control of the iPad, iPhone, online music business, portable music players, and the only line of laptop & desktop computers that run a professional quality OS, a record of successfully improving and re-releasing all their products, and ample room to expand overseas – successful businesses have thrived for generations coasting on much less.

    3. No. Over enthusiastic uninformed investors took AAPL to $700. They piled on like Walmart shoppers crashing through the doors on Black Friday! Anyone with any common sense took their profit at about that time. Please try not to misrepresent what really occurred like so many here do constantly .

    1. DTriny,
      Actually from his record he is incredibly competitive. Its the wall street over-paid idiots that are the problem. Stock price is not equal to company performance. JAT.

      PS, every time my dog shits on the porch, Apple stock sinks. Maybe its my dogs fault. Shit samples available for analysis and will be mailed free to stock anal…….. cysts. JAT.


    2. But he’s just not competitive enough

      That’s a matter of perception. The insecurity riddled bullies/trolls of Wall Street PRETEND they’re all competitive and stuff, but have very little if anything to back them up. Witness AIG being this month’s hedge fund DARLING. Hilariously idiotic. If that single fact doesn’t wake folks up to what all this ‘Apple Bear’ bullshit is worth, I doubt anything will.

      Tim Cook is tranquil. That’s just fine with me. He clearly has had some growing pains, no question there. And yet, he has corrected he errors at a reasonable pace and never let them damage Apple. Bravo!

      Name ANY other company that has had such a consistently successful transition. How about Sony? Nope. HP? Nope. AIG? Nope. On and on…

      Thank you Tim Cook. Stay the course brave CEO. Turn your ear only to SANE suggestions. 😀

  1. Good take, MDN.

    Some of us would go one further and recommend a more product-focused innovator at the helm.

    “Supply geniuses” are the guys who destroy innovative companies slowly through “cost engineering” and reckless outsourcing. Apple need not bow to Wall Street, but it damn sure needs a guy who demonstrates a more timely dedication to product innovation and top-notch quality control.

    1. Exactly, Mike. Maybe he was good at something under the strong leadership of Steve but he’s helpless, clueless, and hopeless as CEO. He must go.

  2. As though we need to be reminded. And, for the love of heaven, please, please, please quit talking about what once happened – now long ago and totally meaningless – when Tim was this or that and riding on the backdraft of the inspired Steve Jobs. Now he’s simply a failed leader. If you are honest with yourself, you must admit you feared this. Your instinct was correct. Now we know. The only question now is how long will it take to solve THE problem THE problem is Tim Cook. He MUST go.

    1. peepee troll. At MDN we’re all old hands at spotting FUD. Your post is just another total FAIL. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from you.

      So, does someone PAY YOU to spew your feces here? Samsung maybe? It’s happened before! Are you just the new hire?

  3. Here’s the simple state of affairs:

    1) Wall Street is suitably feeling all INSECURE and stuff.
    2) Therefore, as is the case with cases of insecurity, Wall Street is in FIGHT or FLIGHT mode.
    3) Fight mode typically turns into BULLYING. (All bullies are insecure to the core. That’s a fascinating fact you can rely upon).
    4) Steve Jobs was a snarky wiseass who knew how to trample trolls as well as I can. Bullying Steve Jobs was a total waste of time.
    5) Tim Cook, on the other hand, is a genuinely nice guy who has no interest in kicking any bully/troll’s ass. Therefore, the insecurity riddled bullies want to pick on the nice guy. This is an extremely common scenario.
    6) Except Tim Cook doesn’t care about bullies/trolls.

    So no matter how hardass or abusive or stupid the insecurity riddled bullies/trolls are to Tim Cook and Apple, NOTHING is going to change Apple. That is EXACTLY the way it should be.

    So FSCK -U insecurity riddled bullies/trolls of Wall Street. You’re seriously fscked, you know it, and Apple has no interest in responding to your personal problems or bending knee to your incoherent, self-destructive whims. Apple wins, same as always, by being SANE.

    Now go find your own sanity Wall Street. Apple can show you how, whenever you make the choice to learn. Don’t doubt it. Ending your self-destructive imperative is going to be a wonderful experience.

    1. What an imbecile you are Derek. Finding company among other imbecile may feel good but you ALL look really foolish. There’s not a coherent thought in this pile of crap you have penned. Apple is winning? Where in the world do you come up with that conclusion. Read Mike’s “inertia” post above. And see if you can manage to understand anything other than looking like the biggest dumb ass in the MDN universe.

      1. >”Apple is winning? Where in the world do you come up with that conclusion.”

        $140 BILLION cash hoard in the bank and zero debt. That’s all you need to know about Apple winning.

    2. Are the calls to replace the man similar to fans demanding replacement of the coach, or manager of a favorite team that is losing? Fans know best, everyboyd knows that.

      ’cause Apple is surely losing- why it can hardly sell any handsets or tablets. And there is no excitement. And their stores are being deserted by the cool kids, it is a puzzle why Apple is building more of them.

      Guess the only thing left for “beleaguered” Apple is be happy making way too much money. Small consolation I know but realize that Mr Cook is going nowhere, period, the compensation package guarantees that. Waste of breath to argue.

  4. When the market is open, Apple stock drops. Kind of hard to make this a meaningful correlation when the vast majority of days over the past few months has seen the stock in the end.

    That being said, he certainly hasn’t helped.

  5. APPLE needs a decisive, risk taker boss not just a CARETAKER.
    If public speaking is a problem, then let other people handle it.
    Please learn and change, don’t be scared of making mistakes.

    1. Paul,
      Cute….. but if you remember the WOZ (Wizard of OZ) was only a guy with a bag of hot air that was really good at fooling people (classic movie not current production).

      And while I will TOTALLY give Woz credits for engineering, he was never a business or marketing person. Sorry to say.


  6. Wall Street is just pissed off because Apple doesn’t need to borrow any of their money so they can’t make money off the stock and interest on loans so they are pissed.- If Apple owed money the stock might go up..

  7. I never thought I’d be disappointed by an MDN take, but that was pathetic. It assumes that there is a rational reason for the decline, when it is obvious that the a hole fund managers have it in for Apple, and Tim, for reasons I’m not aware of. The presence of market manipulation is well known and delineated, by the very people in charge of the markets. Since AAPL and GOOG were neck and neck at 700 over the summer, google has shown almost all negative signs (with the one exception being market share of a system that they are $12B in the hole for, and which they continue to be unable to successfully monetize), while Apple continues to make profit hand over fist, with very healthy growth, particularly for it’s enormous size, with many many future prospects (growth in china, recurring software revenue, very sticky ecosystem, and controlling the majority of profits in the quickly growing mobile computer market). Where’s your loyalty, or common sense, MDN?

  8. Oh Gods fuck off already. If I wanted daily carping on something as meaningless as Apple’s stock price, I’d have Yahoo as my home page.

    Dear MDN: stick to tech news, and fuck off already with the “Apple stock manipulation talking point of the hour”.

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