Apple shares hit new 52-week low

“Apple shares have been grinding lower again, and by Friday afternoon, the stock had fallen more than 2% and even put in a 52-week-low of $431.88,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“That’s almost 39% lower than where Apple’s all-time high of $705.07 set last September 21,” Crum reports. “It’s only the first day of March, so there’s still time to see if Friday’s lion turns into a lamb for Apple by the end of the month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, let’s be careful out there.

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  1. Hey MDN… are you going to post that headline every day it happens from here on? You know, like you loved to do when it was setting new highs? I don’t think you will need the “new high” one again so you can delete it from your clipboard. In the meantime, why not consider the possibility that the problem with our beloved company is its inept, clueless, hapless and hopeless CEO? While I doubt the world will little note nor long remembered what is said here, you could at least add to your credibility by recognizing the most obvious need in the history of the once great company – that would be the need for a swift exit of one Tim Cook.

  2. Apple should buy back more shares now when they are undervalued. This will reduce the amount of shares in circulation for manipulation by the Wall Street crooks. This would be much better use of the cash (and bring more value to shareholders) than increasing dividends or other silly ideas.

    1. The only people who think dividends are silly are idiots without stocks in their retirement accounts. Dividends are the only sure way to see your brokerage/savings accounts compound over the decades.

  3. How can a company be so consistently successful yet valued so low by Wall Street? As Foghorn Leghorn once said “Something about this don’t add up.” You can give me the ol’ margins shuffle all yah likes but it still seems incredibly disingenuous and short-sighted. My wife was right when she urged me to sell some shares last Septemeber at $700. Oh well, in for the long haul, but not too long…

    1. simple answer to your question: investors have noticed that Apple hasn’t maintained its pace of innovation, and the competition has largely caught up in many areas. Since Apple tells them they won’t defend market share by lowering product prices, and really hasn’t released any must-have new hardware to justify its thick margins, then the only direction Apple’s profit trajectory can go is down (i.e., to a less positive rate of growth).

      The sooner Apple innovates with some really superior must-have products, the sooner the share price will bounce back. Hint to Cook and Co: better quality software, more prosumer level hardware, update ALL your hardware and software more than once every 2-3 years.

    2. You are fortunate to have married a woman with great common sense. She probably wanted to tell you to sell it all but didn’t want to hear you moan about it. Next time she says sell………she means get out! She’s also smart enough to know that you won’t have to wait long before you will have a great (profitable) price to get back in. Actually, I’d let her do the investing. She knows what the word profit means.

  4. Apple better fucking change their way of thinking and dealing with the public. This Incessant bullshit of not saying anything and consistently brushing off the topics is pissing me off. DO SOMETHING to gain the Confidence of your Shareholders! Idiots. This stock should be at $600+ not at $430.

  5. MDN proved itself as apple piece of junker. it doesn’t matter whether MDN tries to defend apple because the company hey day seems to be gone slowly. nobody can fill the emptiness of Steve. apple was simply alive, grew faster during his time. without him, apple is just ordinary company. nothing more. stock will be fallen below $400 soon. Tim Cook doesn’t know how to innovate their own products once again. plus, he lost all think tank people last year. of course, he fired them which was the biggest mistake. what a dumbass.

  6. This SUCKS!!! Fork you Wall Street…. Until you make it go way up to$1500 then you’ll be my best friend. I dunno (obviously) but I think (wish, hope) they have another game changer to be announced on March 12 or 13 to steal Samsung’s thunder!!! Like the iNet worldwide mobile 3G/4G network… Well, the developed world, anyway.

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