NPD: U.S. Mac sales up 31% YOY in January; Apple looks to be catching up to iMac demand

“The latest data from the NPD Group shows U.S. Mac sales in the month of January were up 31 percent year over year, suggesting Apple began to catch up with demand for its new all-in-one iMac,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Last quarter, Mac sales were off 17 percent — a loss that Apple attributed mostly to a lack of availability of the new iMac,” Hughes reports. “Apple sold a total of 4.1 million Macs in the December quarter of 2012, down from 4.9 million a year prior.”

Hughes reports, “Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook noted that iMac sales were down 700,000 units year over year in the December quarter, a reduction that would account for most of the 800,000 fewer Macs Apple sold in the quarter.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Will people believe any crap they print to take Apple down? Idiots!

    “Munster’s current projections call for total iPod sales in the March quarter to be down 17 percent.” DUH

    Fewer iPods will be sold because people would rather buy the bigger more expensive iPad mimi WHICH WAS NOT AROUND A YEAR AGO!!!

    1. If any of these idiots that write and second guess Apple just tried to quantify and count, or even thnik about how many revenue streams Apple has in addition toit’s extensive R&D projects that have yet to be completed and yeild fruit, they would realize that they don’t even know how to begin to evaluate Appe Inc. Not a damn clue.

  2. Can’t remember his name, but what happened to that guy that was complaining about his order taking over three months and still he didn’t have a delivery date? Did he receive the iMac yet? Is he happy now? Probably not…thought I’d ask.

    1. … the one you are referring to, I saw a significant delay in getting the two iMacs I wanted. Visited and called the local store several times before they said the models I wanted were in stock. Hurried over only to discover they have mis-spoke. Not that I minded – the model I sought for myself was actually a bigger-buffer model than I was willing to settle for.
      Am I happy now? 😉 OH, yeah!

  3. Bollocks! Mac sales were only off *2%* (comparing 12-week quarters); it’s in the article table. So in actual fact Mac sales were never that bad, and now they’re brilliant.

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