Apple confirms multiple service outages; App Store, iTunes and Calendar still down for some

“After receiving several reports from readers experiencing issues with accessing the App Store, iCloud, and other online Apple services, Apple has finally updated its system status page and confirmed outages for the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and App Store,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “It also confirmed some users were experiencing issues with iCloud calendars.”

“While Apple’s status page only shows outages between 9:40 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. this morning, many users continue to experience problems accessing services,” Kahn reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup. We tried to rent a movie via Apple TV yesterday evening, but had to settle for getting it from the cable company instead. Bad form, Apple. Bad form.


      1. My comment was about the amount of outages that he perceives. In my experience, iCloud and its services are rarely down. I see lots of complaints, but iCloud is pretty darn solid here. I often wonder if it is PEBKAC phenomenon!

  1. MacDailyNews Take: Yup. We tried to rent a movie via Apple TV yesterday evening, but had to settle for getting it from the cable company instead. Bad form, Apple. Bad form.

    …umm maybe that is what caused the outage? Just stop renting p0rn in the future 🙂

    1. I’m in New York. No problems here as of 6 pm (1800 EST). Mail up. Calendar up. iTunes Store up. Mac App Store App decrepitly buggy and slow as ever, but otherwise working.

      I suspect this is a regional server mirroring mess.

      1. Gotta be regional issues. Here in the UK, I can’t remember the last outage…maybe a Christmas downloading frenzy…but otherwise uniformly solid, even iCloud.

  2. Well fortunately iCal is working great for me. I use it 10 to 15 times a day automatically syncing between my mac and iPhone. (as well as my family’s IOS devices)
    Hope Apple fixes their problems with others soon.

  3. Has any one of you thought that perhaps Apple inc. needed to shut down to disinfect and firewall the breech through faceturd they acknowledged?
    Sometimes taking such small considerations is too much of a brain ache that we would rather pile the blame on Apple inc. and then feel good about our clever selves.
    If I was in Apple incs. shoes having faced such a breech, I would do everything in my powers to prevent an even worse scenario from taking place, one in which personal details of their customers was accessed and distributed or misused.

    1. The outages may be unrelated to recent cyber attacks, but you could still be right…

      In a larger sense, consumer complacency is a very serious barrier to establishing any real security. As the psychologist Steven Pinker points out in The Better Angels of Our Nature, physical violence has declined precipitously in recent centuries because of the development of effective deterrents in the form of state police and standing armies (but which have no real analogue on the Internet) and in the evolution of social manners and state diplomacy, which regulate disputes without recourse to wars, duels, pogroms, public executions or torture (which arguably still thrive in a virtual sense, in cyberspace).

      For those well-acquainted with hacking and countermeasures, a Great War is being waged while we slumber in our innocence, unprepared for the Day that approaches what might be likened by later historians to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, precipitating World War I, or to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which precipitated World War II. Not for nothing are security consultants preparing for World War III.

      While we lounge, fiddling with our apps and feeling childishly cross at Apple for being so restrictive, a creeping menace has already infiltrated our lives. Anyone not already paranoid should consider acquiring that disorder, as it arms the psyche for what is sure to come.

  4. So what else is new? I get updates available but the iPhone can’t find the updates. Siri is an utter joke. The cell phone industry must really have some lousy phones because if this iPhone is the best, God help us

  5. Why is it that some users rush to discredit claims by other users that they are encountering pervasive problems with Apple services? Even Apple has acknowledged issues. I’m as diehard an Apple user as they come. Yet, if there are issues, I don’t pretend they don’t exist.

    Apple indicates, for example, that the problems with iCloud reported yesterday are gone. No so. I depend on iCloud to sync reminders across my devices. If I create a reminder on an iOS device, it syncs to my other iOS devices, but not to my Mac OS X desktop. The same is true if I create the reminder on the desktop. It doesn’t sync to the iOS devices.

    By the way, before the rabid idiots who consider themselves the sole defenders of Apple’s cause chime in with something akin to “it’s user error,” I am a user of Mac OS X and Apple products for over a decade. So, when it comes to things Apple, I very much know what I’m doing.

    I have to admit I am feeling a bit resigned to the notion that Apple is not what Apple was. I guess changes are normal. But I can’t help but feel there has been an unfortunate decline in quality.

  6. EXTRA! EXTRA! Microsoft Azure Servers Lock Up Worldwide!

    Microsoft’s Windows Azure storage cloud is having worldwide problems with secure SSL storage, probably because Redmond let the HTTPS certificate expire.

    The problems were first reported by Microsoft on Friday at 12:44pm Pacific Time on the Windows Azure Service Dashboard. An update at 1:30pm identified a problem with SSL transactions. . . .

    “This is unacceptable, I’m supposed to release an enterprise app on this platform?” poster MJFara wrote. . . .

    It appears that Azure is in the grip of a global cascading fail.

    The storage problems have severely impacted other key components of the Azure cloud, including some of the services Microsoft has previously used to differentiate itself from arch-rival Amazon Web services…

    Considering that Apple has purchased space at both Microsoft’s and Amazon’s server farms, I have to wonder if the Apple services down time is related to problems at Microsoft and Amazon. Thankfully, Apple is building another server farm to take up the slack.

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