Samsung trying to beat Apple to market with ‘iWatch’ rival?

“Screenshots alleged to be of a forthcoming Samsung smartwatch have been posted on the Korean message board Ruliweb (via SlashGear), suggesting possible competition for the rumored Apple ‘iWatch,'” Ben Lovejoy reports for MacRumors.

“It is unclear whether the watch will be a self-contained product, or rely on a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone,” Lovejoy reports. “The watch screenshots indicate that the device is running software called AltiusOS beta2, and an app navigation screen bears a resemblance to the tiles seen on Windows Phone.”

Lovejoy reports, “SlashGear notes that the screenshots are 500×500 pixels, and suggests that this may be the resolution of the screen.”

Read more and see the screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not on Tim Cook’s iWatch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Samdung is getting braver or more stupid I don’t know which maybe both, usually they will just wait until Apple releases the product before blatantly copying it or the idea. ;p

    1. I think Samsung has a lot on their plate now with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad mini and the iTV that everyone is expecting. Samsung is running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off trying to photocopy every existing product out there and kluge it together to be able to say “Me too.”

  2. You’re all going to see this scenario played over and over with Apple and Samsung. Samsung knows what it can get away with and how to beat Apple. Clone, add features, sell cheaper and take market share. Leave it up to the consumer to choose one over the other. Taking Samsung to court will prove ineffective due to lengthy litigation time periods. If Samsung gets good enough it will easily get the upper hand.

    Luckily for Apple, Samsung is in the Kosdaq otherwise Wall Street would easily pick the clear winner. Samsung operates as a company ideal for Wall Street’s way of thinking. The news media will kill Apple just for the pleasure of seeing it fall. Apple needs to quickly move beyond its hardware business. The perception of Apple’s demise is already in place. Samsung is going to hasten it. South Korean chaebols prefer to destroy their rivals. They consider that efficient business tactics. Apple doesn’t understand that and it worries me greatly. Apple should have been gobbling up rivals by now but instead leaves itself vulnerable despite having a cash shield it should have turned into a battle axe.

    1. Laughing_boy48, you haven’t been here long, have you?
      Apple has been ‘going outta business’ for at least 25 years now.

      Just because the general media played a little nicer between 2003ish-2012 doesn’t mean the backroom IT negative talk ever stopped. IT dept. ID10Ts have NEVER stopped banging the Apple is on the way down and out drum.

    2. You forgot as part of Samsung’s modus operandi: 1) hide behind differing accounting and disclosure standards in South Korea and the U.S, , 2) rely on compliant analysts in South Korea to exaggerate your business success due to hyper-nationalism and fear of retribution, and 3) give no official unit sales figures and instead tout the possibly exaggerated estimates put out by supposedly independent analysts.

  3. There’s plenty of reasons why I need a watch. But what I don’t need is another device that needs to be plugged in every night, and give me loads of spurious info over an above what a watch should do; tell the time. Anything else, that’s what my iPhone does, and my iPhone is not a substitute for a watch, an iPhone used as a watch is the equivalent of one of those huge pocket watches that posh people carried in the 19th/early 20th Century, that has to be dragged out of a pocket, opened, the time read, closed, then put back in its pocket. What a pain in the ass, which is why troops in the trenches took to wearing wrist watches, so they could see the time instantly. Why have people gone back 100 years and made things more complicated by using a bloody mobile phone as a watch?

  4. I’m not generally prone to using the “f” word, but FUCK Samsung. Samsung’s shenanigans will get them right where they belong in the long run, and it will be at the opposite end of where Apple very likely will be – that is Apple at the top and Samsung at the other end.

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