Greenworldinvestor: Why we’re changing our stance on AAPL from bearish to bullish

“Apple (AAPL) is the world’s largest company by market capitalization and is also one of the most followed and traded stocks in the world. The company had run up substantially last year with analysts setting targets of $1000 and greater,” Sneha Shah writes for Seeking Alpha. “We had advocated a short position when the stock was trading near its all-time highs above $700. The stock has gone down substantially since that time and is now trading at ~$450.”

“The sharply bullish sentiment has now turned quite bearish and many of the disadvantages and risks have been discounted in the current stock price,” Shah writes. “We think that Apple now makes a decent buy at the current levels, given that the company is still a dominant force in the consumer technology markets.”

Why Apple is a Buy:
• Presence across all major consumer products
• Valuation is Cheap on both Absolute and Relative Basis
• Innovation and Marketing Strengths
• Sentiment is highly negative now
• Fortress like Balance Sheet
• Enterprise Entry
• Expand into Emerging Markets

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


      1. DS is correct. The market is a crapshoot. A pyramid scheme on top of a roulette wheel balanced on a house of falling blackjack cards doesn’t even begin to describe it.

        There is no logic to the WS idiots. 2 examples,

        When SJ died, they FUDed the hell outta APPL, they are dead, Steve is gone, they are doomed, nothing good will ever come out of Apple again, yet in the year following his death, the stock value bloomed to $700, explain that. Yep, ya can’t

        2nd example, Apple reports record sales and profits, a personal company best, not to mention beating every single tech company, no end to their potential insight, yet stocks have plummeted to around $25-$450 No Logical Explanation

        People should be just a little afraid of the market and WS. They defy all basic common sense, logic, and reason. Buy low and sell high is far to simple and logical to work in the messed up hellhole that WS is concerning Apple and APPL

  1. As more and more Wall Street analysts begin recognizing the elephant in the room, Tim Cook’s contribution to Apple, it becomes more clear that Tim Cook needs to stay!

    (where’s my alter ego ppeterson now?)

  2. Because apple disrupt every single market they enters?
    Because no company has any new product or service until apple invents or re invents one?
    Because apples done’t rely on other companies to create their products?
    Because apple doesn’t have a Clown as a CEO?

  3. Be careful at this level. I’m going to wait until I see some constant positive news and move in the stock. If you feel compelled to invest in Apple I’d wait a little while. But no one is forced to invest in Apple. There are better choices out there. But there are no better choices for products. Remember, you do not have to get into the first 10% or the last 10% of a stocks move up. If you do invest in Apple remember this, next time pull the trigger! Don’t get left holding the bag. Don’t wake up every morning down 30%. It’s an awful feeling. I did even worse than that years ago. I was stubborn, I kept thinking I was doing the right thing by holding on. I did however learn my lesson. You invest to make a profit not to brag about owning shares of a company that you love. Making a living with Mac Pros and investing in AAPL are two entirely different things. I know how to keep them separate. And yes, I love all my Apple stuff. It’s the best. However you invest to make a profit so it’s appropriate at different times to take your money off the table and not be greedy.

    1. I’m going to learn how to shoot left handed, my right trigger finger forgot to squeeze the trigger. I’m just glad I’ve been in long enough that I can still make a great percentage by selling now.

  4. WhOOPTEEDO!!. Thanks ever so much for letting us idiots know that NOW AAPL is a good buy. I am relieved. But I must tell you that this message is hardly being delivered broadly. There are still people with money in their hands and their heads firmly planted between their butt cheeks who still think they must sell AAPL at today’s prices. Try not to engage them in a conversation. It will stink.

  5. You’re not an idiot. And AAPL is not necessarily a good buy here. The next few weeks may bring a cheaper price. Most of the people with their head in their ass failed to sell back in September. I wouldn’t engage them in a conversation either. For those who sold last fall, today is a decent reentry point. But it may get even better. There’s no hurry to put all that money (you did sell in September didn’t you?) back into AAPL. There are better places for your money. There are other stocks and other companies. Just because you use Apple products doesn’t mean you have to put your investing capital in AAPL. Why? Expand your horizons. Look around. Diversify. You’re not obligated to get back into AAPL ever. It’s okay. Fanboys aren’t coming after you! GOOG has been very good to me in the last month. Really good! PCLN and PNRA have been nice to me too. Getting out at $700 just simply let me put all that profit into something else that was still going up.

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