Former RIM half-CEO Jim Balsillie dumps all BlackBerry shares

“Jim Balsillie, the man who grew Research In Motion Ltd. from a small Waterloo startup into Canada’s most famous technology company, has reportedly sold off his ownership stake in the BlackBerry maker nearly a year after stepping down from its board of directors,” Matt Hartley and Barbara Shecter report for The Financial Post.

“The former co-chief executive of RIM reported holdings of 0 shares in the company, now known as BlackBerry, according to a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission,” Hartley and Shecter report. “Previously, Mr. Balsillie — who stepped down as co-CEO with RIM founder Mike Lazaridis last January — had been the third largest shareholder in the company.”

Hartley and Shecter report, “Mr. Balsillie’s sell off could be interpreted as a sign that RIM’s longtime leader has lost confidence in BlackBerry’s hopes for a turnaround, a move that could be a cause for concern among investors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s some PlayBook you got there, Jim.

RIM is a dead company walking.MacDailyNews Take, August 23, 2010

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  1. Sure so his and his co-CEo’s failure is complete, why not cash out while you can, making their failure complete. These guys fiddled away the company as RIM burned like Nero did. Oh but, “amateur hour is over…” It is now.

  2. OK, not related to, but important..
    I noted that every single tech site mentions the bug that allows any user to bypass the lock screen on iOS 6.1 (a very difficult trick), but nowhere to be found about the privacy risk about Google Play sharing all personal information to developers about people who brought their applications.
    How is this less important? just because it doesn’t say “APPLE” in the headline?

      1. Yes, u’re right, I wasn’t talking about this particular site since this is “Mac” daily news one expect to be something related to apple. I was talking about the general tech news sites that supposed to cover apple, google, IBM or what ever tech company. Today is even easier to became a reporter, you just have to put “apple” in your headline and you are making news.

  3. I used to love Blackberry phones a few years back, kinda sad watching this company sink and probably disappear pretty soon. Hope there is an app for my iPhone, where I can track how deep they are sinking in real-time, hehehe. oh snap!

  4. Wow – what a backstabbing bastard! He runs a great, innovative company into the ground, then bails with the money he doesn’t deserve. May the fates play with him in such a fickle manner..

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