Atlantic City fire chiefs sworn in with Apple iPad Bible app (with video)

“Atlantic City promoted several firefighters to the rank of Battalion Chief and Fire Captain thanks to some quick thinking and technology,” NBC40 reports.

“At Friday morning’s promotion ceremony, it was realized no one had brought a bible to City Council chambers, where the brief ceremony was held,” NBC40 reports. “After some quick thinking, the Bible app was pulled up on an iPad, which was then used to swear in the eight officers to their new positions.”

Full article with direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. Surprised that a Bible is even an acceptable form of any kind of swearing in ceremonies with so many Atheists lately, esp. in California and NY.

    If an Atheist swears on a Bible does it mean anything in ceremonies? That’s the interesting Q.

    1. Speaking as an atheist, I can tell you that if I swear to the truth of something, or to beave in a particular way, the presence or absence of the bible has no impact on the oath. I think that there are many cases where, for those who profess a faith in God, the same is true, albeit in a different way.

    2. I’d rather see them swear on the constitution… you know that pesky piece of paper virtually all elected or appointed public officials in the US are sworn to uphold and defend…

  2. I remember taking the oath all soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines take upon entering the armed forces and there was no book of any sky gawd in sight.

    There is no more sacred oath than a someone saying that they will serve the nation and defend it against all enemies, be obedient to all lawful orders and honor the civilian oversight of our nation’s defense regardless of politics even if it means death or injury.

    Over 20% of Americans under 30 are now in the none of the above category regarding sky gawds and the number keeps growing. Maybe there is hope for America after all…

    A better use for the iPad would be reading some Dawkins or watching Religulous.

  3. I misread the title
    At first I thought the people who sworn in using the ipad were fired because of doing so. Lol

    I read this yesterday on another site so I thought they got busted for their actions

  4. I agree with Since84. If I were to be sworn into any office I would insist on using the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and nothing else. And I would state “I do so affirm.” It is not incumbent upon me to kowtow to anyone’s preferred mythology.

    1. ..also love how that just watered down even further the whole charade of swearing on the bible in general. I guess the universe does have “plan”.

      On a similar note…glad to see so many persons of reason here on the MucDizzyNose site.

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