Five reasons Apple is doomed, doomed, doomed!

“You don’t have to turn the dial too far in order to find somebody singing the death knell for Apple [AAPL] and here’s five reasons they’re singing those shanties,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

• Apple is losing to Android: Marketshare based on sales figures should be a big indicator of platform popularity. The ascendancy of Android tablets and smartphones suggests that there should be lots of people using those devices. They will be buying apps, browsing the Web and ads networks should be seeing heavy traffic from the dominant OS. Except that’s not what’s happening…

• Apple has no place in the enterprise: Apple’s position in the enterprise has always been weak, and the debut of Win 8 PCs and Surface tablets should surely have wiped away all Apple’s gains in the sector. Except this isn’t what happened.

• Apple is “too controlling”

• Apple has run out of ideas

• Apple isn’t focused on developing markets: It seems likely Apple will rue its lack of focus on developing markets, particularly China, a nation with which Apple’s main foe, Google, has such excellent relationships.

Much more in the full article here.


        1. We’re busy. We have little time for such details, and prefer to spring like cobras at the slightest stimulus, unload the stored venom into a bare neck, then wait for the next fool to disturb our complacence.

  1. FTA: “Indeed, the analysts believe that by 2014, Apple will be as accepted by enterprise IT as Windows is today. That’s got to be another death knell for the company. It’s hard to see any Apple upside within this story.”

    MDNers just don’t get it.

  2. Wow !! Really ?!?!?! You actually have the balls to write something like this ????

    It is amazing to see how far some will go to confuse people …

    Install fear … That’s the name of the game …

    I wonder how much $$$ behind this misleading article …

  3. Hi there,
    I wrote this.
    Please read it. The story *cough* is underneath the headline.
    Also there’s lots of Android people who always make negative comments on Apple no matter what I write. I’d love to see you guys try to enlighten them.
    I do hope you like it if you read it, or at least like some of it.
    Hav a good day.

    1. So you are the journalist that wrote it, and they let you write it. I wonder what your editor was on or how much your doggie back was on when he let that slipped onto the press.

      Then you have the incredible gall to come here and make a few posts about your article, dang I can only imagine what kind of knots the panties of the hit whores would have if they knew about that.

      Sir, there is no tongue in cheek humility about that piece, it drips and oozes with sarcasm. So much so that I suspect that some of the people who have posted comments here like “sponsored by Samsung and Wall Street” DID read the article.

      If we were face to face right now I’d ask to shake your hand before I extended it. It’s refreshing to see someone write a piece like that.

    2. Hi Jonny,
      Thanks for the good article, taking a poke at the misinformation that circulates about Apple.

      I’ve recently started a blog addressing online misinformation — which you can find by attaching .com to the name above — so the reaction to your post here is certainly food for thought.

      re: the google search bots. Perhaps one day Duck Duck Go and the like will have enough numbers to be of some help. People could be moved to go to them for privacy and find themselves benefiting from more balanced searches, too.

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