Microsoft’s Windows RT: Circling the bowl

“Over the past several days, Windows CFO and CMO Tami Reller has taken on the press in a dozen interviews, hashing and rehashing the ‘Windows 8 is 90 days old’ theme,” Woody Leonhard reports for InfoWorld. “Most of what’s been reported is barely reheated pablum, but one of Reller’s statements brings a whole new light to the potential longevity of Windows RT.”

“Dina Bass at Bloomberg states that Reller told her, ‘New devices that run on Windows RT… won’t be released this spring,'” Leonhard reports. “Assuming Reller was quoted correctly — as best I can tell, she didn’t make the same statement in any of her other interviews — that admission, combined with other plans we already know, have me seriously wondering if Windows RT will ever make it past version 1.0.”

Leonhard writes, “If you know anyone who bought a Surface RT at the Microsoft Store, make sure they understand that they have 30 days to return it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Garbage with a kickstand. Click.

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  1. Come on guys, it can’t be all that bad now can it? /s
    I think that every one of us should go buy one or two of them and then return them before we get our credit card statements. Balmer boy will get a hard-on and think that his sales are taking off until he sees his return rate. You don’t even have to take them out of the box. MS can’t sell them as new any longer and will have to sell them as refurbished. Even then they won’t have any takers.

  2. > Windows CFO and CMO Tami Reller…

    Windows has its own “CFO” and “CMO” (whatever that is…)?

    That figures… Microsoft has too much management and too little expertise.

  3. “If you know anyone who bought a Surface RT at the Microsoft Store, make sure they understand that they have 30 days to return it.”

    Wouldn’t both of them have already found that out when they returned the Surface the next day?

  4. Typical MS – release an inferior product, use the public as a glorified beta test session, rubbish or explain away the complaints and then use all this to take off in other directions, none of which will be properly thought out or executed very well (let alone tested).

    Whenever I see an ad for anything running Win8 with the tiled start screen my immediate impression is of something that looks a bit amateurish and slightly childish – never a product that would have people rushing out to the shops.

    The future then for MS will be to keep producing iteration after iteration of crap until by the process of evolution something good finally emerges from the swamp, if ever.

    Or how about MS moving into the second hand electronics business? – a Zune anyone? Quite cheap, NO previous owners, needs new batteries, can double up as a door stop.
    Or howsabout a second hand Surface? – stuck displaying a blue screen, can be used as a frisbee, great as a dance prop.

    MS lose credibility by the hour.

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