Did Samsung’s Super Bowl ad make a difference in its battle with Apple?

“Samsung’s Super Bowl ad got a lot of good press but did it increase searches for Samsung or Galaxy?” Haydn Shaughnessy wonders for Forbes. “And did it take interest away from Apple?”

“I did the research today so that the Google trends database had time to catch up,” Shaughnessy reports. “What are the findings?”

#1. Fast developing economies other than China favor Samsung
#2. The developed economies favor the iPhone
#3. People are searching for iPhone more than they are searching for Apple

Shaughnessy reports, “The real story of the Super Bowl was the ads and Samsung got usurped by social. The $15 million they paid seems to have impressed some but overall its impact has not been as pervasive as the opportunism of the Twitter users at Oreo and Audi.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


      1. Thanks for posting a rewrite that did not insult my intelligence

        Would be refreshing if about ten words and their derivitaves were always changed to “I have no class” automajically!

    1. “Just because you can afford it” does not mean that you throw away good money after bad!
      And yes, there is a substitute to advertising… it is called commending, what one does when one is so impressed that they feel they have to talk about what is impressing them. In other words, Word of mouth!

      1. You make no sense. None at all. If that were true, companies wouldn’t advertise. Quit making excuses for Apple. They’re just a company. They’re not your best buddy. I deal with large media companies. And you can bet your ass that they advertise movies,music and television programming constantly. Or do you think they just go by word of mouth?

        1. +1000

          this apple not advertising is strange puzzle.

          apple has not advertised imacs for years, not advertised it’s new mac mini,
          not taken a single shot at Windows 8 Vista
          the Mac PC guys ads died in 2009. There used to be run regularly , now nothing.
          they’ve not marketed macs and OSX is better than Win 8 at all leaving a golden opportunity.

          I know many potential switchers who are reluctant to switch because they don’t want to get an imac and ‘waste their monitors’ , they do NOT know mac minis exist becasue Apple does NOT advertise them…
          (if they had sold a few more macs they would have hit analysts profit estimates for last and pervious quarters… )

          Samsung Electronics makes less money than apple yet spends 4 times more than Apple on ads last year.

          With Steve Jobs apple could perhaps get away with low ad spending as Jobs was a icon and was on the cover of Time, Newsweek, every word he spoke made news and he was always positive on apple and it’s products.

          but now with apple gone Apple should upping it’s media spending.
          (I’m a former Advertising Art Director).

          1. At one time Apple didn’t need to advertise heavily. As you state, Steve Jobs was everywhere. No one else had the iPhone and the entire world knew that. But Apple still advertised. Those days are gone. Apple has more competition than it can handle. Apple doesn’t have the world to its self anymore. You can never rest on your laurels in business.

    2. Myth… there is a substitute… word of mouth. The reason that I got into Macs in the first place was Tony Robbins. How he asked an audience about PCs, the response being positive, but so-so, then he asked about Macs and the excitement in the room was paramount.

    1. No, you’re wrong. It is the worst value in advertising. Unless, of course, you have some real differentiator of a product category you’re developing. If you have memorable ad, you might get some after game buzz.

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