Wells Fargo analyst: All the reasons beleaguered BlackBerry’s BB10 will fail

“Research in Motion’s launch of its new Blackberry 10 smartphones is too little, too late, said Jennifer Fritzsche, a senior analyst at Wells Fargo, Thursday on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC.

I just think it wasn’t enough. We still have really strong doubts and it really is more related to the model and the service revenue changes, which was really high margin revenue stream for them. The buzz around the phone actually was quite good from a lot of the reviewers and it’s competitive. But I think for RIM it’s a little too late… It’s just very hard to make money even when you’re shipping 30 to 50 million units a year, you need more and that’s the slippery slope that RIM is changing. – Jennifer Fritzsche, a senior analyst at Wells Fargo

Thompson reports, “To make matters worse , the new handsets are not going to be available in the U.S. until March, and that delay definitely hurts the company, she said. And when consumers finally do get their hands on the Blackberry 10 phones, they may be disappointed with their app selection, which doesn’t hold a light to the apps offered on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android platform, she said.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Streamline the company, make the numbers work and sell a really nice niche product that works. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and disregard every word out of every analyst’s mouth.
    Apple survived just fine for years making high quality/low volume products.

  2. Nonsense. This was the move that Blackberry had to make.
    They’ve come up with a very decent modern system that has some innovations that will allow them to compete.

    Analysts are in the business of providing forward promotion for their respective financial institutions. They aren’t necessarily expert at anything.

    1. But from a market point of view, people aren’t screaming for another phone, and most of the potential buyers already have committed to the iPhone or (yuk) Android. No matter if BB10 is a really good phone, prying satisfied customers away from what they’ve already chosen is tough. The only way to do that quickly is to sell it at a big loss, but that is the road to ruin.

  3. They will do better than expected. A lot of companies will love the strict wall between personal and business use. As always Apple had no clue what business needs. So sad.

    1. Apple is courting “business needs” the way Microsoft or Oracle or Blackberry do. They don’t have to break a sweat and they’re enriching people’s lives.

      Business can take a hike or go vegan, I don’t much care. In fact, if business were on fire I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.

  4. What I found hilarious was, the guy who refused to cut his hair until BB-10 shipped.

    There is video of him getting a three-inch pony tail cut off. BFD! Now if you had threatened to stop washing your hair that! would have been a story worth reading.

    But come on! This is exactly why they’re going to fail; they set the bar so low.

    1. Guess that reflects how RIM’s investors have taken a haircut the past couple of years while they waited for RIM to get an assembalence of a competitive offering to market…

  5. Now that all (but the intelligent) AnalCysts have fscked-over AAPL, what a scary place to be, wanting to cheer lead them bashing RIM-Berry. What do I do? Agree with these TechTards just because they’re saying what I like to hear?

    My brain is going to explode!*!*!*!

    And then there’s reality. I like it there. 😀

    1. Personally, I hope the BB10 has some success and gives Android some competition, further fragmenting their stolen success. I would be hopeful that the BB10 takes some share from Android rather than from iPhone.

  6. Blackberry has the most innovative look and feel to their OS. Their HUB and FLOW approach is great. People will flock to the smartphone that makes their life easier. Integrating personal and corporate use, their HUB and FLOW will definitely leave Apple’s and Android’s approach in the dust. I can guarantee that within 6 months, both Apple and Android will have a very similar feel to their OS. Blackberry has just got to keep innovating or they will be left in the dust.

  7. First off if snyone cares why are they only shipping one of two models now and the other in April? As there was such a delay as if some people still haveta wait. Touchscreen vs Querty (sp.?) keyboard is significant choice at least in BB land ( RIM or whatever its called )…

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