To stellar CEO Steve Ballmer, Office without iPad support makes ‘a lot of sense’

“The question of Office for iOS has burned for a year, but a release is still up in the air after comments by Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer at yesterday’s “new” Office 365 launch,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet. “Asked about Office for the iPad, Ballmer gave a terse reply: ‘I have nothing to say on the topic.'”

“‘We’re very happy with the product that we’re putting in market,’ Ballmer told Bloomberg. ‘It makes sense on the devices like the Mac and the PC. We have a product that we think makes a lot of sense. We do have a way for people always to get to Office through the browser, which is very important. And we’ll see what we see in the future,'” Tung reports. “In meantime, the only tablet on which Office is available is Microsoft’s own Surface.”

MacDailyNews Take: Which is exactly the same as not having Office on tablets:

Crash and burn: Windows RT tablet sales in 2012 likely to total less than one million units – – January 30, 2013

Tung reports, “The fundamental issue thought to be behind the delay in bringing Office to iOS is Microsoft’s unwillingness to pay Apple’s 30-percent commission on apps sold through its App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Keep your dogshit in your own yard, Microsoft. We don’t want it and, best of all, it’ll only hasten your demise. iPad and iPhone are already firmly ensconced into the Fortune 500 and SMB without Microsoft’s bloated morass of insecure spaghetti-code. The world is rapidly learning that it can live without Office and, by failing to pollute iOS devices with their crapware, Microsoft is spreading the news better than anyone.

For the record, Steve Ballmer is the greatest CEO the world has ever seen – unmatched – certainly the best we’ve ever witnessed. We like his strategy, we like it a lot.

May Microsoft’s shareholders and BoD remain forever comatose and may Mr. Ballmer remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!

(Which, at this rate, shouldn’t be much longer.)

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  1. Not releasing Office for iOS or Android just makes the MS obsolescence that much clearer. Makes it easier for the competition too. With their sole relevant product not on relevant consumer devices, how is that supposed to work? Shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. Frankly I think Office 365 is a smart move. I don’t want a MSFT product ON my iPad, but I use Excel extensively. Having access to my Excel spreadsheets while on the road, with the ability to tweak them, would be a big plus.

      With LTE coming online and much faster WiFi I don’t see a speed issue accessing Excel wirelessly. I’ll bet there is a large market (enterprise) of users, just like me, that will embrace Office 360 as their iOS solution. I do this now with QuickBooks.

      To protect myself from sloppy, crappy MSFT software I will backup my online work to my iMac, and a licensed copy of shrink wrapped Office.

        1. $100 a year for 5 users. That’s a great deal for office especially if you keep up to date with the latest version which is every 3 years like clockwork. Office is the standard for business and that isn’t changing anytime soon. This strategy is pretty solid overall.

          1. It’s not $100 a year for 5 users, it’s $100 a year for 5 computers. There’s a big difference. You buy it once for $100 and you get to put it on 5 devices. You don’t get to share it with 4 friends.

  2. I got a new 27″ iMac in April 2012 and forgot to install my copy of Office.

    I haven’t missed it! Not once. Ever.

    No need for Office in any form on any of my Apple devices

  3. So 100% of nothing is better than 70% of potentially millions of users buying the app?

    Also by not making iOS Office available Microsoft is sending folks searching for replacements (and thereby funding their own competition) to use on our iOS devices?

    Boy I’d better not ever have to be a CEO. I just can’t make sense of Ballmer’s brilliant strategy here.

    1. This is exactly correct. Now you have 100s of millions of Android and iOS users who have done just fine for 5 years with no Office (or Windows).

      When it became clear that the iPad was a huge hit, MS should have jumped in with an iPad optimized version of Word and Excel and given up their dead fantasy of Mobile domination.

      Now, they have neither hardware sales, OS sales nor app sales worth anything.

      MS forgot its own name: MicroSOFT! Sell software to anyone using any hardware.

  4. Really, PC is loosing ground and Surface is not taking off, and your best source of money, the office suite, is not available on the most used PC (yes, the iPad) in the world?
    Do you actually believe Steve Ballmer still working for microsoft? He’s long time an apple employee.

      1. “Loosing” still works, in the sense that PCs are being driven into the ground, or are preparing for interment.

        On the other hand, Surface IS taking off, in the sense of those notorious commercials showing them airborne in outdoor martial arts clickfests.

    1. Long live Daddy Ballmer! Life is just too much fun with him around!
      The amazing thing is that no one at Microsoft has managed to sneak up behind him and give him the chop to the back of the neck.
      There they all stand, marvelling in their bosses’ vision and ability to run Microsoft into the ground in just about every conceivable way possible and hardly a murmur.

      Long live Steve, I like him a lot – and his strategy? I just hope that he steers the ship carefully enough that the agony of decline is a long drawn out affair, hopefully give us a few more years of mirth before the inevitable happens…

      1. This is true. However, the number of people who require Excel are minuscule. Most people don’t understand basic mathematics let alone have the need for software such as Excel.

        Very few people will resist buying iOS products for lack of Excel.

      2. There are very few people I know who need Excel in their day-to-day lives, and I have a wide circle of friends and aquaintancies. There are a few people I work with who need to use it, but only on desktop machines; I can’t imagine any of them needing a mobile version, the sales guys have laptops, and, possibly use it, but I’ve never seen it open on their machines when they’re in.

        1. Yep and that is the situation I am in.

          I need excel on a desktop PC but I don’t need it on my phone or iPad. The ability to view an excel file is really all I need on mobile or ipad.

      3. Agreed. Excel is a great piece of software. I’ve used it since v1.0.1 on a Mac SE in 1990.

        I just wish they hadn’t redesigned the Menus (Ribbon I think they call it). It was nearly perfect. I’m still using Excel 2008 on my Mac. The newer PC version at work is just a horrid mess of menus.

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