iOS apps are better than their Android counterparts

“App store volume has become a non-story,” Dan Rowinski reports for ReadWrite. “Quantifying the quality of apps between iOS and Android is a different matter altogether.”

“The general perception is that iOS apps in Apple’s App Store are of better quality than their Android counterparts in Google Play. There has been really no way to quantify that though the history of the mobile app ecosystem,” Rowinski reports. “Until today. We can finally say, through quantifiable data, that iOS apps on aggregate are of better quality than Android.”

Rowinski reports, “By uTest’s metrics, iOS apps have a mean Applause Score of 68.53. Android apps average Applause score is 63.34. The margin of difference between the two is ~8%… iOS ranks higher in nine of 11 top app categories…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Non-news for anybody who’s tried both iOS devices and the best iOS device wannabes out there: In general, iOS apps are simply better than their Android counterparts.

Smart developers focus on iOS. Fragmandroid is an afterthought, if it’s bothered with at all.

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  1. There is a huge difference in reliability, quality and usability that iOS apps have over Android mobile programs.

    Easily 6 to 8 times better and by far – far more apps to pick from. But that is not to say that iOS doesn’t have any junky apps. For sure there are. Yet as the article mentions, the counter part mobile programs on Android are inferior to Apple iOS apps. Clearly. I run both. I use iOS 99.2% of the time.

  2. If you want to check for yourself I have an option for you short of buying or borrowing an Android device. An app called BlueStacks allows you to run Android apps on a Mac or Windows computer. It’s free.

    Download the apps you use on your iOS device in their Android versions and try them out.

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  3. apple hasn’t capitalized on iOS apps superiority much in its marketing (ie in comparisons). It has not conveyed either what a big advantage iOS has by Apple making both the os AND hardware vs Android, Win Phone etc.

    but then again it hasn’t bothered to attack Win 8 Vista with Mac or OS X ads either which is WEIRD considering what a poor reception Win 8 is having. Last Mac – PC guy ads were in 2009 !

  4. To: MDN and their clueless followers: From Lex Friedman writing in latest issue of MacWorld Magazine – “iOs 7 will likely come out in 2013 replete with new features and we’ll all rush to download it. But as you encounter competitors’ operating systems, with superior features, don’t be surprised if you find your eye starting to wander in that direction.” THIS is what Tim Cook doesn’t understand. Resting on the laurels of Apple’s past is a straight path to destruction. Unless someone comes in and wakes up the sleeping giant, he’s going to shrink into ordinary. Already, Apple has become Sony. Where it goes from there is an awful sight to behold.

    1. “Competitor’s operating systems with superior features”. Whatever, dude.

      Wake me up when those features include hooking into a ecosystem as rich as iPhone/iTunes/Mac OS X/Apple TV. If all you care about is having a phone you can run apps and browse the web on, then maybe Android fits the bill. But to Apple users, the iPhone is more than just phone, it’s what it works with.


  5. Mountains out of mole hills. Would be nice if there was a significant statisticsl difference but a measly 8% is a slim margin not worth showing off about. The Applause Score is probably does not carry a lot of weight.

  6. wow…a whole 8 points. no wonder I can’t feel the difference after switching to Android.

    Hey iOSers, try downloading alternative keyboards that have cursor keys for your IOS device so you don’t have to touch the screen everytime you need to move the cursor.

    oh wait…YOU CAN’T…Apphole doesn’t want you to!

  7. There is a huge difference in reliability and usability that Android apps have over iOs. Both have a stiff competition but somewhere Android is better than iPhone for example the Android slide-down notification bar is amazing, however, the iPhone notification system is horrendous.

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