Windows 8 bloat: Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro will offer users only 23GB of available storage space

“Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet was knocked for the dearth of storage on the low-end version. Surface Pro isn’t faring much better,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“The 64GB version of the upcoming Surface Pro — due for release February 9 — will offer only 23GB of available storage space for user files, according to a statement CNET received from Microsoft,” Crothers reports. “In short, Windows 8 will gobble up as much as 45GB on the Surface Pro, according to Microsoft’s specs.”

Crothers reports, “Surface RT — the first RT version released last year — has similar storage constraints, as Microsoft’s fine print shows. For example, on the 32GB Surface RT, after allowing for the OS, Windows recovery tools, Microsoft Office, and built-in apps, you’re left with 16GB. On the 64GB model, you get 46GB.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Toting around a Microsoft Surface tablet or tattooing “My IQ is 68!” on your forehead. The choice is yours; the effect the same.

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    1. Yes, but I think you missed the notice from Samsung last week stating that they believe their recent high number of hardware sales is a ‘fluke’. That’s meaningful coming from Samsung.

      2013 is shaping up to be a very ‘interesting’ year. I like it. 😀

      1. I mentioned recently that there is too much smoke and mirrors surrounding Samsung’s sales numbers ( which Samsung don’t actually publish ). There are multiple reasons for thinking that Samsung is not doing as well as many people think they are and that their prospects for the future are not so good.

        I think we may be getting a different impression of Samsung in the next year or two.

        1. The thing with Samsung is that even if they are doing well, they’re still reliant on software they don’t provide. There is nothing stopping another company from doing what they do. Apple have the advantage of being able to do whatever they want when they want to.

        2. alanaudio:
          “There are multiple reasons for thinking that Samsung is not doing as well as many people think they are and that their prospects for the future are not so good.”

          I agree, not the least of which is a visual reality check.
          I am always amazed how few galaxy 3’s I see. I see iPhone 5’s commonly and iPhone 4’s are as ubiquitous as jeans these days. (and I almost never see a winmo8 phone)
          I think most of samsung’s “huge success” is carefully crafted spin and not reality.

  1. Only Microsoft would think that the solution to the problem is more, not less, complexity. We all know this means the Surface is going to have to run memory and processor busting anti-virus software. Microsoft just NEVER.LEARNS.ANYTHING. This is why their tablets went nowhere before the iPad. And won’t go anywhere this time either. On another note I was pleased to see a 128gb iPad. I hope the next iPhone has 128gb. That would be sweet.

  2. IQ of 68 is that kind of high for a Surface tablet user. Them again you do not need a low IQ to buy a MS product, as the old saying there is a sucker born every minute. This rank up there with Nigerian Lottery Scam, only different Steve Ballmer send you the letter and you send him rough a grand for this wonderful tablet.

  3. And I was (somewhat) joking around (about a month ago) when I said that the 64GB Surface Pro would “only” have 32GB of usable storage. So, it’s actually much worse… amazingly incompetent, even for Microsoft. I mean, how can it’s pre-installed software take up “as much as 45GB” of space.

    Meanwhile, Apple announces a 128GB iPad (with most of that space usable) that will cost $100 less than Surface Pro 64GB, and $200 less than Surface Pro 128GB.

    Microsoft, do less for more… And now we know the true reason for the timing of Apple’s announcement.

    1. So when the various sites compare the specs of these different tablets against each other, can we expect to see the available space? For some reason I doubt it. But a true comparison for the consumer should definitely have this.

      1. Even in a comparison of tech specs (devoid of any comparison of actual usability), Apple wins.

        And tablets are not the same as PCs. Users actually DO tend to compare usability (such as availability of apps), not go only with the tech specs and price.

  4. MicroSoft just wasted a billion + on this junk plus made all the companies they sell their junk OS to made at them. Way to go Micro Soft. Steve B. stay on and drive MS into the ground.

    1. Because MS is comprised of a bunch of useless, unimaginative d-bags, that’s why.

      They want to bilk customers of as much money as they can while providing the lowest amount of a quality product.

      MS’s mantra is, ‘It’s just as good as…’. Or, rather, ‘Just get something comparable out the door and we’ll fix it in the next patch’. Or the next release… or, something.

      Flippin’ copycats is all they are. Couldn’t even get ‘Kin’, ‘Zune’, ‘Surface’, or ‘Courier’ off the ground.

      MS is a textbook case of a tech company ‘throwing sh*t against the wall and see what sticks’.

    2. A 45GB ROM (“read-only memory”)? If you are talking about providing an additional read-write flash storage of something like 64GB to hold the pre-installed OS and software, that would add a few hundred more bucks to the price tag.

      The current Surface Pro pricing that starts at $899 for the 64GB model (with Apple’s new 128GB config starting at $799) is already unacceptable. If the price was boosted to $1000 (or more) with the additional storage, it would be a non-starter, even for delusional Microsoft.

  5. Depend on type of iOS devices and iOS versions, the core iOS take somewhere between 1 to 2GB MAX… at least that’s what iTunes is indicating to me.

    This is what happen when Microsoft either refuse or too lazy to adopt its desktop Windows OS to mobile Windows OS, While Apple take the time out (at least 3 years+) to adopt Mac OS X into iOS.

    Upon reading similar news from multiple sources, I can not even begin to laugh at MSFT instead I feel really sorry for Microsoft.

    Sigh… what the hell is going on within MSFT… I simply refuse to believe there is no one within MSFT can “create” a suitable mobile Windows OS based on W7 or W8.

    my 2 cents…

  6. only 23GB of available storage space for user files, according to a statement CNET received from Microsoft

    Wow. That’s TWO signs of MS planning its SUICIDE in one day. That’s two death knells ringing.

    Keep it up MS! We love you to DEATH! 😛

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