Did Steve Jobs’ extreme diets contribute to his health problems?

“Steve Jobs, the genius behind Apple Computer, died October 5, and the animal rights organization PETA quickly lifted a tall glass of carrot juice to his memory. That’s what Jobs gave out to trick or treaters one Halloween, and PETA reminded us not only of that, but of other positive steps Jobs took for health and the environment,” Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., C.C.N. writes for Psychology Today. “Jobs played a role in Disney’s 2006 decision not to renew its Happy Meal toy deal with McDonalds, for example, and more recently ‘greened up’ Apple’s manufacturing operations in China and elsewhere.”

“Sadly, PETA has yet to acknowledge the role that Jobs’s near vegan diet and frequent fruitarianism may have played in his death,” Daniel writes. “Indeed, PETA continues to maintain that their vegan brand of ‘right eating’ will virtually guarantee freedom from cancer and other major health problems despite the fact that most alternative MDs and health practitioners find serious illnesses among health-conscious vegans in their clinical practices.”

Daniel writes, “None of us, of course, knows what caused the pancreatic cancer that led to Steve Jobs’s death, or what, if anything could have saved him. Diet doubtless played a role, but lifestyle factors, environmental toxicity and genetic proclivities would have contributed as well. Certainly, Jobs was exposed over the years to massive bombardment from WiFi and other electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Medical treatments involving radiation, chemotherapy, a modified Whipple surgery, a liver transplant and immuno-suppressive drugs may also have contributed to his demise. That said, not long after Jobs’s death in October, people began asking me to comment on how his diet—and especially soy—might have contributed to his cancer and death.”

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  1. You don’t get cancer from a vegan diet, or can you?

    Cancer, sadly, is just a scurge on mankind.

    How do you explain a non-smoker from getting lung cancer like the case of Dana Reeve, wife of actor Christopher Reeve?

    As in Dana’s case, Steve was just a victim of sad circumstances.

    1. The pancreas is a gland organ in the digestive and endocrine system. It is both an endocrine gland producing several important hormones as well as a digestive organ, secreting pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes that assist the absorption of nutrients and the digestion in the small intestine. These enzymes help to further break down the carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids in the chyme.

      With that background, I submit that Jobs, being the control freak he is, screwed up his pancreas in the first place, long before he doomed himself by wasting 9 months with “special alternative medicines and diets.”

      From his official biographer Walter Isaacson’s article, “American Icon,” in Time Magazine (October 17, 2011):

      “The unified field theory that ties together Jobs’ personality and products begins with his most salient trait, his intensity. It was evident even in high school. By then he had begun his lifelong experimentation with compulsive diets…” (bold emphasis mine)

      Jobs thought he knew better than everyone else. That resulted in wonderful products. It also caused him to ravage his pancreas to the point of collapse.

      Even then, he still thought he knew better, and blew 9 crucial months doing God knows what else to his poor digestive system.

      I believe that the very intensity and steadfast belief in himself that made him so great also resulted in his untimely death.

      1. Utter rubbish. Levels of nutrients may decrease/increase with vegetarian diets, but there is NO WAY that eating fruit will cause pancreatic cancer.
        He probably got cancer because he had to listen to idiots like you.

  2. Jobs died from pancreatic cancer of which the causes are unknown and for which there is no cure.

    Scientifically, it is irresponsible to suggest this without clinically demonstrating the causality between this diet and pancreatic cancer.

    MDN is a bullshit machine.

    1. Jobs got the very rare kind of pancreatic cancer that can be successfully treated and survived. It’s not a “cure”, but then there’s no such thing in any cancer.

      Scientifically, it is irresponsible to suggest that eating/drinking certain things, and avoiding medical treatments at all, is a good or even valid way to fight cancer. And yet I see this being put forth all the time as the alternative treatment for all forms of cancer (if it was for specific cancers then they’re negligent in not singling them out).

      Steve Jobs is 100% a perfect counter-point to those proponents. It doesn’t matter at all whether there was or wasn’t a causal relationship between his diet and his cancer, because bottom line it didn’t work. Alternative diets and treatments may seem to work for a very tiny minority. But for all we know, for that tiny minority the cancer would have disappeared on its own, regardless of diet.

      The point of using Steve Jobs as an example is that statistically, the odds of alternative treatments and diet alone working for you, or for the vast majority, is extremely small.

      1. There is no connection established. Not even theoretical reasoning how this could possibly inflict any probability of cancer, based on biochemistry of psychedelic drugs. (By the way, there were like twenty years between the drugs and Jobs’ cancer.)

        Drugs do have influence on other aspects of health, this is proven.

  3. You can do everything right and still have perfectly terrible things happen to you. The game of life is NOT one of “do everything right and everything will go your way.”

    And it’s also not a game of “let’s pick at a dead man’s misfortune to see if we can blame it on him.” Come on.

    1. I’ll second that. He’s dead leave him alone. Move on. Too many obsessing about his life and death. It’s not normal and it’s not healthy, speaking of healthy. And he gave out carrot juice to children at Halloween? Sad.

  4. Kutcher said his pancreas went into a “‘fit” after he tried to emulate Jobs’ fruit diet. He was hospitalized with a pancreatic disorder. Think there could be a connection. Don’t know for sure, but sounds fishy.

      1. True, and considering that the vegaterian diet was devised over 5000 years ago by Vedic scientist at the behest of the Brahman to help ‘free’ oneself from the negative karma associated with meat eating. There’s a hella long track record to fall back on here. I’ve been eating a lactose vegaterian diet for nearly twenty years now and though I’ve never had a doctor tell me to start eating meat or die, the day that I do, I intend to grind his nose into this very history. It’s beyond rock solid.

          1. Yeah, I suppose there has to be a serious protein shortage with a ‘fruitopian’ diet, whatever that is… absolutely NOT what the Vedic scientist recommended to their Brahman to be sure. And thanks to all for not nailing me with the misspelled ‘vegatarian’… gawd, after twenty years one would think I would at least be able to spell it correctly. Peace and…
            Go Apple!

    1. Not at all; Jobs’ wife denied tabloidish Walter Isaacson slant of this episode of Jobs “delaying” the surgery for cancer. At the time when he was “delaying” there was no established recommendation that an absolute speed of the surgery would do any difference. This type of cancer can develop for years without ever being detected on MRT or any other way. Besiding “eating grass”, Jobs was consulting leading specialist from the world on better ways to treat the disease, so, according to Jobs’ wife, he was not “insane” contrary how it was portrayed by the biography.

      1. I’ll go for the biographer’s take on the situation:

        “Everyone else wanted Steve Jobs to move quickly against his tumor. His friends wanted him to get an operation. His wife wanted him to get an operation. But the Apple CEO, so used to swimming against the tide of popular opinion, insisted on trying alternative therapies for nine crucial months. Before he died, Jobs resolved to let the world know he deeply regretted the critical decision, biographer Walter Isaacson has told 60 Minutes.

        “We talked about this a lot,” Isaacson told 60 Minutes of Jobs’s decision to treat a neuroendocrine tumor in his pancreas with an alternative diet rather than medically recommended surgery. “He wanted to talk about it, how he regretted it….I think he felt he should have been operated on sooner… He said, ‘I didn’t want my body to be opened…I didn’t want to be violated in that way.’”

        He waited 9 months – far long enough for progression of metastatic disease.

  5. Open up NetFlix and check out the documentary “Forks over knives” it outlines the link between meat and diary diet and cancer and blood vascular problems. Seems to be some serious facts behind the theory at least on a larger scale.

  6. The article is deplorable.

    Cancer from Vegies, Wi-Fi, EMF, is ridiculous. I am not a tree hugger, nor anti GMO and such. However I don’t like Monsanto, nor PETA, or any extremist organization.

    I bet there are Apple employees, who were exposed to tons more Wi-Fi, EMF, Chems, Drugs, are Veg, and living healthy.

    Jobs pulled the short straw, it’s that simple. RIP

    Don’t disrespect others.

  7. The real interesting questions from my point of view are:

    1. One what NOT cause cancer?
    2. Why are the cures of cancer and those that come up with them discredited?

    One of the side effect of life is death, live with it, die with it.

  8. Reading between the lines of the Isaacson book, or just recalling the numerous instances that are illustrated in small details, others might have put his cause of death as an eating disorder. His cancer was treatable and beatable, but he could not overcome his own behaviour. With or without cancer, which he chose not to treat when advised, you need nutrition to survive. Isaacson recounted numerous instances of doctors telling him he had to eat, and numerous instances of him either not eating or eating only one type of food, the broccoli thing, for example. Or the story about the chef making all the meal shakes, and he takes tiny sips of each before declaring them “inedible”.
    Say a terminal cancer patient takes a gun and blows a whole in his head, the ME writes ‘suicide’. Say someone else with non-terminal cancer doesn’t get it treated thus allowing it to advance to a terminal state, and on top of that instead of a gun they slowly starve them self to a condition that everyone in the world can plainly see is having a detrimental affect on their health…
    Putting the gun to your head is behavioral, denying yourself
    physical needs is also behavioral.

  9. Steve Jobs died because he waited 9 months after being diagnosed with cancer to have the surgery to remove it. His belief in Alternative Medicine killed him. He was a brilliant man and one of my heroes, but he was fooled into believing that Science-based medicine was ineffective compared to nutritional remedies. He would be alive today had he not told his physician, who was begging him to have immediate surgery, that he was going to beat the cancer on his own.

    There is a lot of fraudulent, quackery out there that pretends to do no harm, but if you need to be reminded of the damage they can do, look at Steve.

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