“Tech titan Steve Jobs’ trust in alternative medicine immediately after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis likely shortened his life, a Harvard Medical School researcher contends,” Bill Hutchinson reports for The Daily News.

“Researcher Ramzi Amri says the Apple cofounder’s death last week at age 56 was ‘unnecessarily early,'” Hutchinson reports. “In a lengthy post on the popular question-and-answer web site, Quora, Amri argues that Jobs reduced his chances of survival by resisting his doctors’ recommendation of immediate surgery after his October 2003 diagnosis.”

Hutchinson reports, “Jobs, a practicing Buddhist, instead pursued special alternative medicines and diets for nine months before eventually undergoing the operation to remove his tumor, according to published reports… Amri described Jobs’ form of cancer as ‘mild’ and could have been remedied if he had immediately opted for surgery. By the time Jobs underwent surgery in July 2004 at Stanford University Medical Center it was too late, Amri contends.”

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