Apple reassumes throne as World’s Most Valuable Company


The world’s two most valuable publicly-traded companies are:

#1: Apple Inc.: $422.11 billion

#2: Exxon Mobil: $415.97 billion

Of course, you won’t see headlines around the world blaring this little fact.

AAPL quote via Yahoo! Finance here.

MacDailyNews Take: Suck it, irrational-Apple haters.


    1. Meh. If only they were still using DOS. 😛 *That* would be what they deserve. And if only Samdung phones still “looked and felt” like those of 5 years ago.

  1. I’m sorry, but it’s much more interesting and enjoyable to read about Apple falling into second place in market cap. Hearing Apple is back on top makes it sound like Apple isn’t quite ready to go out of business.

    I saw about 20 articles when Apple fell into second place. Actually the articles read more like “Exxon overtakes Apple to become world’s wealthiest company.” I’ve seen about 2 articles mentioning Apple has regained the top position. Those articles sort of intimated how “Exxon shares fell and allowed Apple to re-gain first place by default.” Apple never earns anything. It’s either by luck or divine intervention.


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