Ashton Kutcher: Playing Steve Jobs was ‘terrifying’ (with video)

“Speaking at the premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Ashton Kutcher said playing the Apple co-founder on screen was ‘terrifying,'” The Telegraph reports.

“The 34-year-old actor helped unveil the premiere of the biopic jOBS on Friday at the closing film of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah,” The Telegraph reports. “Kutcher plays the Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs from the company’s humble origins in the 1970s until the launch of the first iPod in 2001. A digital entrepreneur himself, Kutcher said he considers Jobs a personal hero — and knows he’s opened himself up to criticism.”

The Telegraph reports, “‘It’s really scary when everyone has a right to be like a legitimate critic. Because he was very public. There are people here who probably know him way better than I do, who shook his hand, knew him, hung out with him. So that’s terrifying. Especially when you’re playing somebody that people really admired,’ Kutcher said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hiring Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs is like hiring Dixon’s John Browett to run Apple Retail.

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    1. There is nothing wrong with Apple/AAPL that eliminating crap comments like this from the public consciousness wouldn’t fix.

      “Hiring Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs is like hiring Dixon’s John Browett to run Apple Retail.”

      The people that write this tripe, and the people that read it, have not a clue on what it takes to do what the person they are critiquing is doing. Worse yet is the level of belief these same people put into the flimsiest, most outrageous rumors put forth concerning Apple/AAPL, and then run for the exits to sell their stock.

      A fool and his money are soon parted, an axiom well proven by the actions of retail, mom/pop traders. WS knows all to well that the easiest way to separate these traders from their money is to put forth a real sounding rumor, that is unflattering of Apple/AAPL.

      MDN profits by propagating these rumors and fanning the flames with their “takes”.

        1. No shit, WTF has he been up on….?

          “The people that write this tripe, and the people that read it, have not a clue on what it takes to do what the person they are critiquing is doing.”
          So you critique the critic? How, exactly, do you know others qualifications, and what gives you the qualification to make that judgment?

          Just ‘Wow’….

        1. I think his best acting was seducing Demi Moore. If he had not married her he would still be in Iowa. Which is where he should be now, picking corn. I have tried to watch a couple of movies with him and can’t get past about 10 minutes. He was not a good choice to replace Charlie Sheen. Just about anyone could do a better job. I would imagine he will leave the show after this year. He’s a phony.

    1. Yeah, but he probably learned that from the script! That’s how most actors in Hollywood absorb their information and then feel they know more on the geo-political process or environmental issues etc. then actual people whose profession therein lies.

      1. Most. Not rare birds like Jodie Foster, who educated herself at Yale before returning to Hollywood to greater glory. Others, like Tom Cruise for instance, are malleable idiots.

  1. God that was painful! But the last comment by Ashton made me want to support his movie regardless of the bad acting. Ashton is OK if that’s what he really thinks.

    Kind of like I went and bought Dixi Chicks after they released “Not Ready to Make Nice”. Not really a country fan but hey, anyone calling Bush for what he was is my hero. Hope they are doing OK still.

    1. Well. I just find them (Dixie Chicks) hypocritical, they crticise GW Bush about the Iraq war but said a peep about President Obama keeping the same policy going. Nothing about the bombing of Libya and ouster of Qaddafi. Not a GW fan but these women are just opportunists.

  2. Don’t worry Pixar will integrate special divine effects to maintain Jobs’ legendary status. I’m sure the film will include Jobs’ walking across San Francisco Bay, feeding the multitudes with 8 ounces of humus and a baguette, and the hint of the sequel “Resurrection”.

  3. Ashton Kutcher is a comic actor as far as I’m concerned, from his start on that 70’s show.To me his acting range is limited and he sucks compared to Charlie Sheen on 2 1/2 men. If he wanted to do justice to Steve and all that knew him, he should have taken the script to WOZ and and got his input on everything about Steve and the Time period. The movie from what I’ve seen really is bad in every way. Steve was a very unique individual that saw himself differently than others perceived him as we all do. That would have been the story to portray.

  4. wish they gave the roles to some serious acting talent, those 2 actors are just not right for the roles, they are underplayed, pretentious, contrived and just from the clip, the script sucks

    just my 2 cents, good morning all

  5. Ashton is a good actor and at least potentially very good, as evidenced in some of his work. The cast, script, direction, etc all factors in too. He is not significantly worse or better than most actors. It may be fashionable among some to “hate” and demand that their hero or object of obsession only be portrayed a certain way by certain actors they favor or consider “better” etc. That’s normal. It is similar to any other “hero” such as Christians debating who should play the biblical character, Jesus, what every minute detail of a story should be etc as if the movie was being made for them and their kind and not the general public. Fortunately for all for us there are sometimes several interpretations, remakes etc from which to choose from.

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