Tim Cook congratulates employees on another record quarter during Town Hall Q&A

“Following reporting what CEO Tim Cook referred to as another record-setting quarter, today the Apple executive sent out an email to employees congratulating the team,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “Within the email, Cook thanked employees for their ‘incredible hard work and focus’ and highlighted that the company sold over 75 million iOS devices during the quarter.”

Kahn reports, “Like last year, when Apple held a Town Hall meeting following its Q1 results, Cook is asking employees to attend an employee communications meeting scheduled for today at 10 a.m. Pacific time. The email sent out last night following Apple’s earnings results conference call, and it noted that employees would be able to submit questions via AppleWeb in advance.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Tim, defend your employee’s and their family’s 401K stock investment in AAPL. Buy AAPL stocks and put a floor on it’s drop. You should have never let it fall under $500 again!

    1. +1

      If you are emotionally attached to any stock, it’s a good one not to own. If you are emotionally attached to Apple the company, yesterday was another reason to celebrate.

      1. Well put. Too many AAPL investors are in love with Apple the company. When you have to start making excuses for the company that you are invested in you should not be invested in that company. Investing 101: Never fall in love with a stock.

  2. Years ago at a shareholder meeting, Steve Jobs was asked about dividends and answered along these lines:
    My job is to make you rich by increasing the stock price.

    By that standard should Mr Cook be having a Town Hall with the employees?

    1. I don’t recall any such statement.

      Besides, times change. Back then Wall Street treated AAPL more normally then they have recently.

      Tim doesn’t call me for advice, but if I were asked about employee investment in the company, I’d suggest reinstating profit sharing.

  3. What really makes me mad is how the financial press seems to be enjoying this so much. Why should they seem to be cheering what, with their spint is the downfall of the greatest company the US has right now? (I feel the same way when people here at MDN enjoy problems at MS or Dell).

    Shouldn’t the US press support American business instead of being obviously biased again them? Does CNBC really want Samsung to take the market from Apple? It sure seems like it.

    1. It’s Google they’re leghumping via Samsung. That’s why they’re cheering Samsung vis a vis the lawsuit.

      Any threat to Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Google, sends them into paroxysms of hatred and bile. That’s the reason they attack Apple at any chance, no matter how insignificant.

      If you follow the news, you’ll see sneaky little articles about how “now’s the time to buy Microsoft” or “Microsoft, the Sleeping Giant?” Fucking hilarious.

    2. It’s just hit-whoring, don’t let it get to you.

      There could be some savagery in that they didn’t buy AAPL back when it was $420/share and they’ve lamented that every day it rose and rose and rose; now they’re hoping to correct their mistake from a year ago by buying in when it’s cheap.

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