First footage of Steve Jobs biopic ‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher (with video)

“As jOBS is about to get its premiere at Sundance Film Festival, the first footage of the movie has landed online,” AceShowbiz reports.

“It centers on Steve Jobs, portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, and his partner Steve Wozniak, played by Josh Gad,” AceShowbiz reports. “Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, this biopic details the major moments and defining characters that influenced Steve Jobs on a daily basis from 1971 through 2000.”

Read more in the full article here.

jOBS will premiere in theaters on Apple’s 37th anniversary, April 19th, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“From Open Road Films and Mark Hulme’s Five Star Feature Films, jOBS makes its worldwide debut Jan. 25 as the closing-night film of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. “jOBS also stars Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons and Matthew Modine.”

Read more in the full article here.

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scot” for the heads up.]

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        1. 150 Million in non-voting stock and another 100Mil.
          What is ignored is that Jobs basically told Microsoft “You will do this deal so people don’t run scared from us, or I will sue the crap out of you for stealing Quicktime code”

        1. OK, sure… whatever. If you only get your info from movies and ZDNet.
          That move was all about perception. But as a Windows fanboi I guess you are equally blind to fact.

    1. Not to pick nits, but that is a Fandroid / Winfan’s revisionist history there.

      When MS invested into AAPL, all they got was non-voting, restricted shares in the amount of $150m (about 5% of total value of Apple at the time). The money wasn’t really needed by Apple at the time for anything. It was just to provide MS incentive to develop MS Office for Mac for the next five years (without which, Mac could have easily died). To interpret this business arrangement as MS saving Apple from bankruptcy would be to severely distort the reality. In the end, MS sold those shares years later (and of course, made substantial profit on that transaction).

        1. When Jobs came back, the company was three months away from bankruptcy. It ended the following quarter with $1.7 billion in revenue and $1.2 in cash assets. Later that year, in the summer, the deal with MS was announced. By then, the MS investment was pretty much symbolic.

          MS had a lot to lose. They had their own anti-trust fight going, and they simply could not afford for Apple to disappear as a competitor. They promised to develop Office for Mac for five years, and Apple promised to make MS Internet Explorer the default browser on Mac OS. They also sold them $150m worth of preferred non-voting stock.

          About the only reason why Apple wanted this deal was to make sure Office is still there. MS had a lot more riding on it.

  1. Looks good. Let’s be honest if you post on Apple sites, the odds are you will see this regardless of how good or bad it is. I have low expectations for this film, so, so far so good. Kutchner looks the part and is as bad as some make him out to be. He has charisma.

    1. If you are a Apple Fanboy you’ll ‘See This’???

      Even if the movie paid ME, I would not see this.

      As someone said, ‘Looks and sounds like Ashton Kutcher in the role of Ashton Kutcher.’

      Anyone know the Carbon Footprint on this film? How much of the environment was damaged in making of such waste?

      I bet Hollywood is the bigger pollution problem for Climate Change then any other business, just by pure bulk of trash they put out in creating garbage movies.

  2. Kutcher should have lost some weight to play Steve. Needs that vegetarian look.

    He’s not nearly as handsome as Steve either, but he’s passable as him. Still would have preferred Noah Wyle.

    1. I’m not quite sure where this Noah Wyle preference comes from. In discussion about art and artists, and especially performers, and in particular, actors, personal preferences are very personal and vary greatly. However, it is really difficult to realistically compare Ashton Kutcher and Noah Wyle. There is a reason why one of them is an A-list Hollywood star, and the other is a TV actor with one single major role and a few minor, forgettable ones. While Noah Wyle is probably quite a nice, likeable person privately (compared to Kutcher, who comes across as a bit full of himself), as actors, Kutcher has significantly more talent and, more importantly skill and craft (hence his continued stream of prominent parts in films). Wyle’s artistic range is quite narrow, which explains why he’s been stuck doing second-rate TV work throughout his career, unable to break out of it.

      You can still like Wyle better than Kutcher, but there is no doubt that Kutcher has the skill and range to bring 3rd dimension in to the part which Wyle played (some 10 years ago) fairly two-dimensionally (like a cardboard cutout).

      1. … which doensn’t matter at all when you can’t get the essence of the character to play.

        In a movie about Steve Jobs, I want to see Steve Jobs, not Michael Kelso. I also want to see Woz represented more accurately. Woz with a bushy head?

        To be honest, I don’t blame the actors. I think Ashton Kutcher is a great actor. I have not seen much of Josh Gad, but I won’t doubt his capabilities. I blame both casting and direction. it’s the director’s job to make the movie fly.

        So, it doesn’t matter if the actors are 70 times oscar nominees XYZ. Noah Wile was a great casting regardless of whatever limitation he must have. He was great FOR THE ROLE. And that’s what we’re talking about here. Ashton Kutcher is not great for the role. He’s less than mediocre for the role. Same with Josh Gad.

        Awful casting.

        About direction… come on. It’s just horrendous.

        1. Wells said Grifterus. Wyle may not fit other parts but he did a damn good Steve Jobs imitation and proved he can do a good Steve Jobs in front of Steve Jobs!

      2. Comes from my watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and being impressed with Wyle’s believability factor playing Steve. For this part he did have the talent, some actors just fit a role better than others, regardless of their in general talent.

  3. Well, I can’t say it looks any different than I expected: Kelso in yet another movie. You’d think that after so many years, Kutcher, if not able to actually learn acting, would have at least learnt how to change his whiny voice.

  4. Sorry, but this is horrendous.

    The depiction of Woz can’t be more out of reality.

    The depiction of Steve Jobs is terrible.

    Honestly, I had hopes for this movie. I consider Ashton Kutcher a good actor. But he can’t play Steve Jobs at all.

    Whether you like Noah Wile or not, he got Steve Jobs right. I don’t know -nor care- if he can’t play anything else. Hard fact is, this piece is just awful in every sense of the word. I hate Woz’s depiction.

    I don’t like it at all. Sorry.

  5. Ballmer’s character would be an easy actor to find. Just hire Christopher Lloyd who played Uncle Fester in the Adams Family movies. The original Fester is died in ’84—he was a classic!

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