“Chairman and CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Morris Chang said on Friday that he expects his company to be responsible for almost all chips built on the 28nm process in 2013, prompting analysts to suggest that the company may have struck a deal with Apple to build the next-generation of A-series SoCs,” AppleInsider reports.

“Chang expects to spend some $9 billion in capital expenditures in 2013 as shipments of chips made on the firm’s 28nm process triple, reports the China Times (via The Next Web),” AppleInsider reports. “The chief executive sees capex rising even further in 2014 as the company moves toward more advanced 20nm and 16nm technology.”

AppleInsider reports, “With claims of a near monopoly on 28nm wafer shipments, analysts predict that TSMC has secured orders from Apple to build the next-generation of the iPhone maker’s A-series chips. Currently, Apple uses Samsung foundries for their chip making needs, though rumors have been circulating that the partnership may soon end.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner Apple’s business dealings end with slavish copier Samsung, the better.

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