“Apple has introduced the iPhone 5 and is preparing to unwrap its iPad mini, but the company is also putting together the pieces for its next-generation mobile processors while plotting a course to dump arch rival Samsung from its supply chain,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. ”

“The latest recruitment ad gives us a small glimpse as to the company’s future plans,” Evans reports. “The company is seeking a lead engineer to develop system-on-chip processors, with the ideal candidate being a person ‘at the center of a chip design effort interfacing with all disciplines.'”

Evans reports, “It seems unlikely Samsung will manufacture future Apple chips. The company has been seeking out a new partner for this tasks since Steve Jobs first approached its Korean partner to ask it to stop copying iProduct designs. History will show Samsung refused to honor this request, forcing Apple into legal action… It appears TSMC has finally got itself into position to begin manufacturing processors for Apple’s devices. Multiple reports have claimed it intended doing so for the current iPhone, but a Focus Taiwan news story suggests it’s preparing to do so in future. TSMC will spend more on facility investment next year than Samsung.”

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