Gruber: Apple’s churning of the gut

Remarking on the glut of Apple FUD, especially as it relates to Apple’s share price lately, and those who revel in it, Daring FireBall’s John Gruber writes:

A lot of people formed their impression of Apple in the 1990’s, and to them, that’s what Apple will always be: a niche hardware maker that insists on doing things the wrong way (closed instead of open, etc.) in the name of control. To these people, everything that’s happened with Apple in the past decade has been a fluke, an aberration.

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MacDailyNews Take: Exactly.

We pity the fools these types of people for all that they’ve missed and, if they don’t wise up, all that they’ll miss in the future.

While you’re toiling with your crappy Windows PCs, your wannabe iPhones, your pretend iPods, and your fake iPads, Apple-haters, we’re running rings around you and laughing. Don’t worry, we’re laughing with delight, not at you… much.


    1. Yes, and the other side of that coin is that many of those people who formed those opinions in the 90s were also MS fans, who can’t forgive Apple for its success.

      One of the reasons so many went with the inferior Android system (was very inferior, still is significantly inferior) was for this very same reason. They might have left MS behind, but couldn’t bring themselves to embracing the “enemy” Apple.

    2. Fluke? Actually consider this. Just saw the stock price on a linear scale over the past 5-7 years. If you draw a straight line along its price you will see an almost perfect straight ling growth. Except for the past year with a bump up then back down. 500+$ is right where we should be with 600$ by end of year and 700$ by end of next year.

      Check it out and see. Almost perfect 100$ a year growth over 5-7 years.

      Just a really weird thought.

      1. If the stock price continues to exhibit constant linear growth, and if (a big IF) the earnings continue to exhibit quadratic or cubic growth, how long until the P/E ratio goes all the way down to 1?

        If that ever happens Apple could buy back all its shares for just one year’s earnings. Maybe that’s what the cash hoard is for?

  1. Gruber is relying on old impressions. I find that for people under 45, Apple is a heroic company with intriguing products.

    All of fail to realize that it doe not take long for markets to mature these dasys. While the run up to PCs n every home took 25 years, the smartphone and tablet markets took only 25 months. Ubiquity of these product categories is all around us. Markets don’t grow that fast. Also, let time I looked out of my window, the world economy has still not recovered sufficiently enough for rapid market growth of a large cap company. Apple is a corporation, nothing more, nothing less.

    Why has the share price tanked? Because the market says so. It matters not about manipulation P/E etc. Markets are driven by emotion, controlled by auto trading and driven bonkers by journalists w2ho are hit whores.

    1. But sometimes, those under 45 inherit the mindsets of their elders… I can think of three people I know in their 30s (I’m in my late 40s) who adhere to this outmoded way of thinking to the letter.

  2. It is a good point. I know what my impression of Apple was in the mid to late 90’s running Windows 3.1 and later Windows 95 thinking it was the greatest thing in the world.

    The experts (sic) may be trapped in the 90’s.

    1. Indeed. Those who live in the past die there too…always longing for the “good old days”, ever protecting their perspective from the realms of possibility and change. Meanwhile visionaries blaze new trails, open new doors, and point us to a new reality. Steve Jobs was a master visionary. I wonder who will be next on this smallest of stages?

  3. why not 70% of the smartphone market? Apple is adding new stores, countries and carriers every year – samsung is a mature player in the handset market with more than a 10 year lead over apple. no reason apple will be capped at a ceiling of 22% – does not make sense.

  4. It is actually a long term plan. Sometimes you just know that what you are doing is right and stick with it. Eventually, you are proven correct.

    Long ago, Apple realized the PC wasn’t the end all, be all but only a part of and “information utility”.

  5. What the haters are really grinding their molars about is that they can’t help but know that something as enormous and phenomenal as Apple’s climb to the stratosphere can no longer plausibly be explained away as smoke and mirrors, or snake oil; moreover,

    (2) too many people buy Apple to support the notion that they’re all just fanboys,

    (3) there is no known mechanism for an overnight collapse of such a carefully managed business operation at this monumental scale,

    (4) despite market share arguments, Apple eclipses the opposition’s profits, mind share, and cultural relevance,

    (5) Apple is a more popular religion than any tech cult outside of Luddism,

    (5) and they excite an orgy of publicity at the slightest hint of tarnish. Everybody else, vis-à-vis the pundits and paparazzi, is Rodney Dangerfield.

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