Analysts: iPhone 5 demand ‘robust;’ ignore the non-news noise

“Analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee revealed in a note to investors on Tuesday that his checks with suppliers indicate that demand for the iPhone 5 ‘remains robust,'” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “He’s not concerned by recent reports that interpreted iPhone 5 order cuts as a sign of weak demand.”

Hughes reports, “Wu joins a growing chorus of market watchers who believe any order cuts for iPhone 5 components are not representative of consumer interest. Mark Moskowitz of J.P. Morgan said the reports are just ‘more noise’ that will prompt investors to overreact, while Maynard Um of Wells Fargo said any cuts are actually ‘not news.'”

“For his part, Wu believes that reduced orders for iPhone 5 components are a result of improved yields, which has required Apple to place fewer orders for components,” Hughes reports. “In addition, he said supplier shift changes made by Apple have contributed to the cuts.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. That can be true for long-term or short-term investing. Or actually, most things in life. You have to be careful with puts just like calls. Just like buying shares of stock. Or you can just sit on the sidelines and never do anything. That’s what many people do. Nothing. Well, complain a lot. But you know the old saying, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Puts have worked nicely for me so far this morning. I don’t buy puts a lot but sometimes it’s pretty obvious that that’s a good move. This morning was one of those times. I’ll watch them during the course of the day and get out before the market closes. Or whenever I feel that I have made enough. And that could be five minutes from now. And I don’t follow anyone else’s formentation. Or puck. But I understand that you have your own worries.Good luck with that.

  1. Bloody Hell!!! Is it any wonder American businesses are struggling? The attitude seems to be that to hell with manufacturers as long as we can make a fast buck, but when the economy threatens to derail the supply of not quite so ill-gotten gains, we bleat to the authorities to bail us out! Could it be that perhaps the the banks really should have been allowed to fail but not manufacturing? i.e the US treasury acts like a bank directly to manufacturers?
    I wonder how many beggars are riding horses?

    1. Wife and I took our two sons and their girlfriends to Tahoe this weekend. Their ages range from 21-27, all with iPhones.
      We were out Saturday night at a huge Brewery, lots of young people, huge majority with iPhones.

      1. At the Navy Commissary Sunday, I put in a couple quarters for the baggers, and felt a little chagrined as they were twiddling with their iPhones as soon as my bagging was done.

  2. Wait for Apple’s number to come out on June 23 and if the Wall Street Journal’s report does not bear its claim, then investors should institute a class action against the Wall Street Journal for irresponsible reporting.

    1. I want but how ? Why they say the source is from Japan is coz it is sth the authority can’t trace or the bullshitter will say it is from someone else …. Whatever excuse .

  3. The Factors:
    1) DayTraderTards: ‘Bah Bah’ says the sheep.
    2) Stock manipulators.
    3) Perpetual Apple haters.
    4) TechTard journalists
    5) TechTard AnalCysts

    Welcome to 2013, yet another year of biztard bozosity.

    Meanwhile: Apple, you’re never perfect. You just do everything better than everyone else, and I love you for that!

  4. At least we can put to rest the ‘ conspiracy ‘ controversy about Apple stock being manipulated. Surely it is and the
    guilty parties have less room under the rock to hide. To those longs…ACCUMULATE and ye shall be rewarded.

  5. Three months ago on this site I predicted bottom at $450, where I have my stop order. But now I am predicting bottom will be $400. I am going to do my first short ever. I had MS at the top, did not sell. I had ADI at $149 to, still have it at $42. I have known what to do but never acted. This time I am shorting AAPL. My broker agrees.

  6. I am very very unhappy . Why does the market believe unconfirmed or rumor ? I put all of my money some lent to 650 calls expiring this Friday . FUCJ THE related persons !! I am gonna go bankrupt!!!

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