Phil Schiller: ‘Apple has always focused on providing the best products, we’ve never blindly chased market share’

“In a revised version of an interview published Thursday in a Chinese newspaper, Apple Inc marketing chief Phil Schiller said the company would focus on making ‘the best products’ for customers and ‘never blindly pursue market share,’ Edwin Chan reports for Reuters.

“On Thursday, the Shanghai Evening News cited Schiller as saying that Apple would not develop a cheaper smartphone for the sake of expanding its market shar,” Chan reports. “But in a new version of the story published after the original, the Shanghai Evening News removed all references to cheaper smartphones, except for a mention of a ‘cheaper, low-end product.’ It also amended its original headline from ‘Apple will not push a cheaper smartphone for the sake of market share,’ to ‘Apple wants to provide the best products, will not blindly pursue market share.'”

Apple confirmed the interview had taken place and that it had contacted the Chinese newspaper about amending its original article, but had no further comment and declined to provide a transcript of the interview… [The latest article] cites Schiller as saying, ‘Apple has always focused on providing the best products for its consumers, we’ve never blindly chased market share.'”

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    1. Actually, iPhone 4 starts at $450 in the US (and quite a lot higher elsewhere in the world). Vast majority of competing Androids are below this price mark, and some are even below $100 (quite anemic and crappy, but still).

      The $99 price you are referring to is a downpayment, the rest of the price being paid in installments over the two-year contract.

      American mobile carriers have done an amazing job of concealing the real price of phones by subsidising the actual price and making it look like people are getting free (or ultra-cheap) phones.

    1. We probably won’t know for sure. But this sort of thing has happened before where a reporter or editor pulls the ‘sensationalize’ card and puts words into the interview that never existed. If you compare the two versions, the ‘real’ or revised version is much more dull and unspecific, supporting my theory. Also take into account the fact that this was in a Chinese newspaper. Never underestimate the fact that China is a Criminal Nation. Truth doesn’t have much value over there thanks to the fact that communism itself is fundamentally a lie. China is a totalitarian state where ‘truth’ is what The-Boss-Of-You says it is.

        1. I live here. I know you’re right. I have a drone repair army center a few miles from my house! The often fly over the town. They have to be one of the sickest creations of mankind in history. I call them ‘Remote coward murder machines’. The USA is also the seat of power of the world’s Corporate Oligarchy, a gang of the most blithering fools to ever spin the wheels of biznizz. The blood on their hands is feet thick. I know! BUT I’m never going to China: hell hole. I’m never going to Mexico: loony land, either for that matter. Where I live I also don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or religiously killed at any moment of the day, a distinct benefit. Despite the Pretty Hate Machine that rules the USA: There’s bad. Then there’s far worse…

  1. The only logical explanation for the stark difference between the two versions is the interpreter had a heart attack at the beginning of the interview and they decided to carry it out to the end without the interpretation service. The new version is watered down so much that it’s useless, nothing but a bunch of old talking points.

    I can understand it if some goofball assistant to Schiller was given the interview and caught unprepared, but Schiller himself and totally unprepared? The guy must be on crack the whole time. Shaking head in disbelief.

    This is a clear case of the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. It makes you wonder what kind of a loosey-goosey three-ring circus Cook the clown master is running at Apple. It’s so inept that it’s comical.

    Anyway, rest assured cheap/cheaper/inexpensive everything is coming and they did leak it to the press, but forgot to tell Schiller about it. Apple is indeed in turmoil.

    1. You know it’s funny, with microsoft literally in flames and beginning to circle the bowl and google’s android beginning to have real IP problems (and about to get ripped in half by a real open source project) and these forum clowns talk about Apple being in turmoil.
      Your terror, little troll, is both palpable and warranted.

      1. Interesting point and a likely possibility.

        The semantic translation of “cheap” iPhone has been interpreted or misinterpreted in numerous ways, as we have read in vacillating press articles for days.

        A quality, lower priced iPhone makes sense and it will help to expand the product line for consumers worldwide … iPhone Nano, perhaps?

        On another note, wonder if Apple will incorporate phone technology into the iPad Mini. That would satisfy the constant cry for a larger iPhone to compete with Samsung. Probably not, just a thought.

  2. And the hits just keep on coming. The wheels have come off the company and it’s skidding – backwards – downhill. What a mess. There’s no doubt that, at the very least, Cook and the rest of his team have come to realize the stark reality of being overtaken by a bunch of inferior gadgets and customers just don’t care if Apple’s are better. Now what? There’s apparently no answer to that question – just panic and the sound of the wind being sucked out of the room. No problem, really for the vastly wealthy execs across the board. Maybe they should just all fade away and see what a new bunch can come up with. What a mess. What a mess.

    1. Really, please state you facts?

      All I know is that the iPhone was a hit, the iPhone 3G was a hit, the iPhone 4 was even bigger hit, the iPhone 4S was huge and the iPhone 5 is selling so well, they can’t make it fast enough.

      Then there is that amount of money they make on the phone. They are rolling in cash.

      Yea, sure Apple is going down hill.

      Why don’t you go visit some android web sites?

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