Tim Cook: I love China, my sister-in-law is Chinese and I’ve met with China Mobile

“Apple’s CEO stopped to chat with Sina Technology — the technology-related news section of Sina.com, a major online media company based in China — in which he revealed that Apple is working hard behind the seen to improve the approval process in China,” Storm Williams reports for TheTechStorm.

Williams reports, “Here is what Tim Cook had to say about his love for China (some paraphrasing after translation to improve understanding): China has always been Apple’s most important market, is now our second largest market, I am convinced that in the near future, China will become Apple’s largest market in the coming years… I come at least 20 times, and I remember the first time was in 1996, when I not at Apple. Over the years, I have witnessed the tremendous changes in China, a country has a huge dynamic, I love Chinese culture and have very deep feelings, my sister-in-law is Chinese… Apple has many partners in China have close cooperation with Sina, Youku, Baidu, the past few days, I also visited the partner of China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, I hold very deep respect, but I cannot reveal the possibilities for cooperation.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “techstorm” for the heads up.]

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    1. same sentiment here. tim doesn’t need to brush up on his language, but his deep thinking. that’s what steve jobs could do instinctively. tim needs to work on it. company performance is good, but the future depends on the development work tim leads now. is this a chink in his armor? ; )

    2. Perhaps Tim NEEDS to say those things for the Chinese audience.

      (I worked in Asia for years)

      The Chinese are deeply suspicious of foreigners (see how the courts always side with local companies in disputes. There were riots against Japanese companies etc recently)

      For about two hundred years China was abused by foreigners. Westerners fought them in the ‘Opium War’. This was to force China to allow the import and sale of drugs into China (Opium was grown in British Burma and sold in China). The import of opium broke the back of the Chinese economy. (one historian said it converted China into one of the richest countries on earth to one of the poorest).

      Foreigners took over parts of Shanghai, took Macau, Kowloon, Hong Kong etc. and set up private states where foreigners did not have to obey Chinese laws. Americans even help burn down the Emperors palace in the Forbiden City.

      wikipedia : “Missionary Luella Miner said, “The conduct of the Russian soldiers is atrocious, the French are not much better, and the Japanese are looting and burning without mercy”.[25] The British held “loot auctions” every afternoon except Sunday at their Legation. Nor were the American soldiers free of guilt, although Gen. Chaffee banned looting. “Our rule against [looting] is totally ineffectual”, said an American chaplain.[26]”

      Later was even worse , the Japanese invaded which eventually led to the second world war. Tens of millions of Chinese were tortured and killed. Cities like Shanghai and Nanking were devastated (rape of Nanking). After the war almost all the Japanese war criminals in China who went back to Japan were NOT prosecuted by the Americans who wanted Japan as a buffer against Communism, prosecuting only war crimanals that hurt americans and europeans (imagine if America had protected the nazis Gobbles, Himler etc. Japanese scientists who conducted human experiments on Chinese were not prosecuted and research was taken by the americans)

      Later the americans supported the Nationalists against the Communists in the Civil War. (Hate the communists if we want but historically during the period the Chinese communists were much better behaved towards the citizens than the Nationalists who were allied to triad groups like the Green Gang. Many U.S veterans who served in China during WW2 in Chennaults ‘Flying Tigers’ etc were surprised that the U.S later supported the Nationalists vs the communists. The communists they observed were always more disciplined and treated them and the civilians better — thats why they won the civil war!)

      Yep I think Cook needed to say a few things to sell more stuff there.

    3. @ Cook needed to…

      Well also keep in mind that Thelonious Mac always has negative things to say about Cook. There must be some sort of backstory, or something else going on, care to share TM?

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