Apple CEO Tim Cook: iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular coming to China in late January

“Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the cellular version of the iPad mini will arrive on the mainland in late January,” Josh Ong reports for TNW.

“Cook tipped the upcoming release on Thursday in an interview with Chinese reporters,” Ong reports. “His visit to Beijing has included meetings with high-ranking government officials, visits to Apple stores and resellers and discussions with potential partner China Mobile… The Wi-Fi only version of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad arrived in China on December 7th, a week before the release of the iPhone 5.”

Ong reports, “Apple CEO Tim Cook also met with China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua on Thursday, a spokesman for the carrier confirmed to QQ Tech. The meeting is a crucial one, and it alone would make it worth the trip for the CEO, as China Mobile represents a massive untapped opportunity for Apple. With over 700 million subscribers, China Mobile is unchallenged as the largest carrier in the world.”

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  1. “… China Mobile is unchallenged as the largest carrier in the world” and are now able to openly sell more Apple products, devices and services and yet Apple’s stock just sits there. If the China Mobile customers are buying Apple stuff than what aren’t they buying any more?

    Note: iPhones crush the Android smart phones in the USA and will happen everywhere people get to choose vs. take what ever is offered.

  2. I wonder whether the Chinese government is losing sleep over the success of Apple’s platform. It is one thing to block internet bloggers and search terms on the web, but how will they control access to information via Siri and custom apps?

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