Google brings free Wi-Fi to an entire New York City neighborhood

“Google is bringing Wi-Fi to the people of New York City — or at least some of them,” Ricardo Bilton reports for VentureBeat.

“The search giant plans to infuse the area around its Chelsea offices with glorious and free Internet access. The coverage will extend from Gansevoort St. to 19th St., from 8th Ave. to the West Side Highway, Google announced,” Bilton reports.

Bilton reports, “The big question with the latest development, however, is where Google plans to take it next. Could Google Wi-Fi one day blanket the entirety of New York City?”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. Yup. I just think it would be nice and they can use the positive publicity. They should under no circumstances be compelled to do so.

        I also like Google’s Science competition. Some of those kids create such imaginative projects. Google gives them a little monetary prize. I’d like to see the prize bumped up to some serious cash. Make science as sexy as a stupid basketball.

        1. I agree with blillyjack… Google is not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, and there is nothing any more “free” about it than any of their other services.

            1. @Xug

              We are idiots? Wrong! We are all Morons, and I’m an imbecile, but idiots can’t read & write, so you must be stupid!
              Welcome to the family 🙂

    1. It is actually in Apple’s and Google’s best interest to do this. Haven’t the Cable companies been fighting against Net Neutrality and trying to add data caps? These data caps are only designed so that people use up all their available data if they try to disconnect Cable TV. With data caps it will be too expensive to get all of your TV from the internet which makes it impossible to quit Cable TV.

      I believe this move is a shot across the bow of the Cable Companies. The message they are sending is this:
      “Don’t even try to put data caps on your internet to block people from watching our movies, if you do, we will give away FREE internet, and you will not only lose your Cable TV monopoly, you will ALSO lose all of your internet customers to free internet as well!”

      Now I doubt that Google really wants to wire up the whole country, but they can let the Cable Companies learn that in areas with Data Limits, we will wire them up and KILL you.

      Apple should be doing this too. These Cable Monopolists need to learn that if they try to protect their turf by limiting our options, you could end up with no turf at all.

  1. I would hope that someday Wi-Fi would be free and available to all cities just as we evolved from gas to electrical light. It would be considered as a normal municipal service because it would be a standard way of life.

    1. Not really likening the government snooping around with private data just to have free WiFi. They can easily retrieve data for their own political aspirations. Plus, would it be public data and could it be used against you by other citizens or government departments.

      Really scary.

  2. If you need to register to get the free wi-fi, it’s not free, baby. It’s like selling your self-worth to a drug peddler and getting your life fucked-up in the process.

  3. Not free Wi-Fi, simply Wi-Fi you don’t pay for with $$.

    BT have been doing this for years in the UK (BT-OPenZone plus the evil BT-Fon), and no, it costs nothing in terms of money, but it’s anything but free.

    No free lunch from Google, ever.

  4. Apple does provide free wifi at every Apple store in the world. Access is available on your own device and also on store display devices that anyone is welcome to use for virtually any length of time even on purely personal projects. We have seen all sorts of projects being worked on by folks in stores with no hassles from anyone.

    1. Yes, but you have to be at the Apple Store to use their free wi-fi. I’m under the impression that this wi-fi could be used from anywhere in the area, in any building in the area, which would be a boon to those who work in an office and don’t have access to a wi-fi network during the day.

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