Analysts begin to change their tune on Apple, AAPL stock

“Despite the three-month decline of Apple’s stock price, some analysts are now more confident that the company has some solid operations behind it and will continue to deliver industry-beating growth rates across 2013 and into the following year, even if speculated new products such as ‘Pandora-like radio service’ or long-rumored HDTV set never materialize,” MacNN reports. “There is also some evidence the corporate and enterprise buying of Apple products may snowball in 2013.”

MacNN reports, “Forrester Research is predicting that Apple will have a record year in enterprise sales of Macs and iPads in 2013, estimating a total of $18 billion in corporate sales between the two lines, with the iPad leading the way. Though competition in the ‘business tablet’ space may increase due to efforts from Microsoft and Google to undercut the iPad, in the foreseeable future the iPad remains the best choice for tablets, and retains strong employee preference for them over Android- or Windows-based devices.””

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

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  1. Well today’s Market opening sure does not support this change of tune. Where will enterprise get the funds to trash their highly integrated MSFT based IT model in favour of Apple?

  2. Investors are dumping Apple again.

    Apple is valued for zero growth and the P/E continues to fall. Until I see or hear differently, I won’t expect any increases of share price. Wall Street can endlessly drive Apple’s share price up and down while they leave other stocks alone. I don’t see how that’s good for long-term investors. Every time one bad sign for Apple goes away, another appears. It’s just one negative for Apple after another, nonstop.

    1. Actually if you followed other stocks closely, you would know that they go up and down just like AAPL. Check GOOG. Check PCLN. And others. It’s not some huge Wall Street conspiracy against Apple.

  3. The fellow who has been shorting AAPL and has been saying for four months that AAPL is $425 stock is way closer than all these $700 to $1,111 guys. Maybe folks should listen to the naysayers a bit more. My own low projection for two months has been $450, that is where my sale order sits. I will have a decent gain at that point. But like everyone I am hoping for a return to the good old days of las October.

    1. Maybe just maybe Apple Inc. will not settle in nicely at a quarterly dividend paying blue chip with a price point between $400.00 to $500.00?

      We often times overlook the fact that the consumable goods business model rarely sustains itself beyond a 6 to 7 years up cycle. I think that Apple will carry on carrying on selling good numbers of devices but they will need to sway more no Apple users to switch as selling to the converted does run its course.

  4. At this price point (525+) the only serious buying contingent lies in hedge funds, insurance funds, state retirement funds, and the like. When they (collectively) decide to dump AAPL, we all see the result. Individual, long-term investors simply CANNOT take advantage of these manipulated “sales” because the price is just too damned high per unit. Until Apple splits its stock into the $50-100 range (where I bought it comfortably and confidently @42 in the late 80’s), this will continue unabated. Only the giants will be able to play this game–as they are now–and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.

    1. Nonsense. If you have about $2000 to invest, buy 4 shares. If you have $10,000, buy 20 shares. If you have less than $527, you shouldn’t be investing the stock market.

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