Unemployed? Buy an iPhone

“The recent U.S. election campaign was fought on economy and jobs. With an unemployment rate near 8% on the Election Day, jobs were the overwhelming concern of U.S. voters. So when 12 million unemployed people in the U.S. and those under-employed ask, “No job, now what?” the answer for the crowd may actually lie in the crowd,” Reuven Gorsht, SAP’s Vice-President, Customer Strategy, writes for Forbes.

“With the emergence of crowd business models and virtual marketplaces to connect employers to a broad base of employees, crowdsourcing is quickly turning into more than making a few dollars on the side,” Gorsht writes. “The U.S. already has over 42 million (and growing) freelancers ranging from lawyers, accountants, childcare workers, photographers, graphic designers and other specialized professions.”

Gorsht writes, “While unemployment will not be eradicated completely, in this age of hyper connectivity, many new opportunities emerge for both employees and employers. The challenge is that we have to rethink employment beyond a traditional full time career. As employment continues to evolve and transform, the nature of employment will become dynamic and specialized, with a large part of the global workforce connecting to their iPhones each day, checking their assignments and getting to work.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Hey, JC Penny just announced their new add, Unemployed? Buy a New Suit.

    Yes look sharp if your employed, working part-time or unemployed. Impress your current boss or potential future boss that you may walk by in the street or at a restaurant. Looking sharp means your always well connected.

  2. @bjr001
    Correct writing is also a way to “look sharp” and impress a current or future boss – learn to use “you’re” when indicated for “you are”.

    1. Thank you for the correction. A simple typo on my part that I’m sometimes prone too when I don’t proof read. The author of this story also wishes to one day retire from his Apple stock holding that he is clearing trying to push up in price.

    1. well, no offence. but working for apple is not always meant to work in HQ or something. employee in apple store is a part of it. plus, working for apple is not dream anymore. no more. it’s just gone after steve died. apple isn’t ideal company anymore. by the way, living large? no matter where people work, there are lots of people who living large. the point is how can you define ‘living large’ by your criteria? is that like owning a big mansion, three luxury cars, beautiful wife, cute kids, and billions worth of stock? if it is not your situation, you don’t live large. sorry.

  3. “jobs were the overwhelming concern of U.S. voters”

    If that was true Obama would have been ousted.

    Instead, US Voters wanted more of the same and that is how they voted, they want the new normal. No one believes we have to balance the budget, everyone knows it’s f-i-a-t money, it’s just a matter of managing the printing of it compared to other nations.

    Inflation will hit hard (ie Carter) and when that happens all our debt will be wiped out. We will, individually and as a nation, pay off our debts with inflated fiat money.

    30 years ago I had a $76K mortgage and was over my head. I cheated to get that loan.. Today, same house, refinanced many times, still owe $100K on it but it’s chump change now. I could pay it off but what for? When I’m ready I’d rather pay it off with monopoly (inflated) money.

    And unemployment means the govt sends them more money. Entitlements – the new normal.

    Another thing to watch out for is freedom is only for the educated. The rich are the only ones that are educated and they are still pulling the strings. Most, if not all, on this board are under-educated and dont know it. The new normal. The new freedom. We only think we are free yet we are burdened and shackled with student loans.

      1. I’m over it – just explaining it for those who don’t get it. Did I say anything you don’t agree with?

        I never understood the need to balance the budget but thought it must be a good idea. After this election I’m convinced it doesn’t matter. That is what I’m explaining.

        Inflation doesn’t matter except for renters and fixed income people.

        Fiat money is not a new concept. This new normal started many years ago. The now slow economy/unemployment is the new normal and evidently the US Voters are OK with it.

        The fuss in DC about budgets is just a political show and both sides know it. Makes me sick. So, yea, I’m over it. Not in debt except for the house and that can be paid off anytime with inflated money. I’ve told many in the past inflation ain’t a bad thing. We just need to deal with it and understand it. Inflation will pay off the nation’s debt. Isn’t that the truth?

    1. “The rich are the only ones educated”. What about those born rich and spoiled?

      But I agree. American society has changed. But it was not a change for the better. Honestly, I was surprised Obama won. You would think his past 4 years would have lead to his defeat. I’m not insulting the democrat party or favoring the Republican Party in any way. I just hate the extremist. On the democrat side, those who just keep giving even if its unnecessary. On the republican side, it is those who are caught up too much into business and are becoming very ignorant. No one party is perfect.

      Back to my point…Good luck America!

      1. Do you always stereotype? But even spoiled rich kids are most likely better educated than you.

        Well, I take that back. It really depends what you do with your education. Obviously, your stereotyped rich kid don’t have a clue and will never run anything except into the ground. (guess whos running this country – a bunch of spoiled rich kids it appears).

        The rich I am talking about are those that act on their education and accomplish something – like create a country (or company).

        This country was not founded by people on welfare. The Magna Carta was not either. They were the rich and educated and property owners. If we would encourage more success and let the rich get richer (here’s a clue – even the dems want the rich to get richer) then there would be room for us not-so-rich people.

        The way it is going is the class warfare is us against them. Us is you and me. Them is the politicians and the rich. I just hope the country wakes up one day.

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