Lack of Google Maps for iPad spotlights Google’s failure to understand tablets

“Google’s failure to understand that a tablet is something other than a really big phone is becoming one of the great mysteries of the technology world. The Android tablet business has been crippled by a lack of dedicated tablet apps, a situation that Google has done almost nothing to correct,” Steve Wildstrom writes for TechPinions. “Now Google has confirmed my worst fears with the release of the long-awaited Google maps for iOS.”

“Google maps for the iPhone is lovely… But the iPad is a very different story. For whatever reason, Google did not bother to come up with a separate iPad-optimized version,” Wildstrom writes. “This is all rather hard to understand, since Google should have had no trouble developing an iPad version in parallel with the phone edition. Much smaller developers do this all the time. I can only hope that Google will realize that the iPad is something more than a larger iPhone and correct the error quickly.”

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      1. Lol. Thats the funniest thing ever as apple maps are almost useless. Well, maybe if you live in the USA they work ok but for us in other countries, they are sooooooo bad.

        1. So far, I have used Apple Maps in England, France, Italy, Canada and Costa Rica. The only place that I’ve found somewhat crippled on Apple Maps is Costa Rica. My experience in the other countries has be quite good.

          1. It’s a lie. I live in France and can tell you that since google developped the new app, I stop using apple map because for many time, it sent me in the opposite place

        2. Oh, so wrong! I live in “other countries” (Europe) and I am very pleased with Apple Maps, at least compared to Google Maps no 1. Even compared to Google Maps 2 (take two) Apple Maps beats Google’s, especially on turn-by-turn.
          But, Waze is getting more attention lately, also by my friends, as the no one program when on the road. Think Apple should buy Waze asp, or at least implement some of ….. features.

        3. How many countries do you live in, Thomas? It sounds like you are speaking from experience for many countries. If so, would you care to elaborate with more specificity?

          I don’t doubt that Apple Maps has some weak spots. The anecdotal evidence is clear that Apple still has some work to do. But Apple is making the effort and I, for one, am very glad that Apple chose to finally make this break with Google. Just as with Samsung, it took some time to change course and there will be some growing pains. But I am convinced that this action will be to the long term benefit of Apple and, therefore, to my benefit, as well.

        4. It’s worked flawlessly for me here in Thailand, and it doesn’t even use up any cellular data. The whole trip is able to be loaded before I leave the house.

          I also have a dedicated Garmin box, and Apple maps runs circles around it. (not literally of course. That would be bad ;-p )

          1. I’m in Thailand and I definitely haven’t had a positive experience with Apple Maps. The main content may be there sometimes but try looking for a small street or location or try to head in to rural northern Thailand. Very frustrating after being able to rely quite happily on Maps 1 back in the day! 🙁

        5. Works fine in Australia……well other than that one incident they made headlines. But then google maps had a similar problem in Western Australia, it just didn’t make as much noise.

          1. Really? do you never leave the city? for me even in the city, it has the same mistakes my old Mio GPS of 6 years ago had. Oh and I don’t like driving through buildings. I’m a great Apple fan, but the truth is the truth. Yes they will correct it, but it should have been better to start with.

          1. Apple maps apparently thinks Kathmandu only has 2 roads (and marks them wrong). Nepal apparently has no roads outside of Kathmandu Valley. Google, on the other hand, maps out the valley nearly perfectly!

            Wake up Apple- there is a world beyond North America, Europe and Australia!!

      2. I like Apple maps but it still has issues. Over the holidays I went skiing in upstate NY and when I asked Siri for direction hope it routed me to Saratoga which is hundreds of miles away from home. Google maps worked flawlessly.

        This is the 1st time Apple maps routed me in the wrong direction. I generally find Apple maps to work well. Google maps really shine when you are trying to find a restaurant or business. Apple/Yelp often misses a lot of places.

        1. Interesting. This summer we did a trip from the Southwest part of central NY and went Northeast taking back roads instead of the Thruway, and it got us to the Saranac Brewery in Utica with perfect accuracy. After all I’d heard I was a bit nervous relying on it through the boonies and hilly cow country, but it never gave us a wrong turn.

          1. Totally agree. To avert the blizzard heading into eastern Iowa, I headed straight south to Missouri en route to Phoenix. After stories I had heard I was a bit nervous taking the back roads it put me on to get me headed southwest in Missouri and then south to Jefferson City at night, but it was perfect and I was able to miss all the snow.

      3. Apple maps sucks. It shows my location in Atlantic Ocean when I M standing on Marine Drive in Mumbai.

        It’s funny not to have the Google maps app on iPad and that too for such a long period after release of iPhone app.

        Google … Are you listening??

      4. What a crock of crap. Apple maps Is COMPETELY useless. Try this: Get directions from Norton, MA to the New York Marriott Marquis (New York City). Google maps will give you nice directions for this 3.5 hour trip. Apple maps gives you (and I quote) “Directions cannot be found between these two locations”.

        This happens ALL THE TIME with Apple maps even between well known locations such as these!

    1. Apple maps is dismal. Granted it knows where some of the major places to visit are but that’s it. It doesn’t know where small businesses ae so unlike google maps where you can simply type then name of the place in you have to get the exact address. It doesn’t even know where the biggest concert hall in stoke on Trent is and the main theatre is still listed as a cinema. It’s shocking.

  1. I suspect they’ll release an iPad version eventually but its a small portion of users who will have a cell enabled iPad and would use google maps vs the large amount on the iPhone.

    its kind of a limited market for a tablet version of google maps on an iPad imho.

    1. Apple maps is excellent even when there is no live WiFi connection. I find that my iPad remembers quite a large area without having to access the internet. I am able to navigate quite a good distance. Can’t say teh same for Google maps.

    2. They should make one with downloadable maps so that they can be used offline. Maybe even restrict it to some major cities. In the uk for example just have London Manchester and Birmingham offline maybe a few extra

      1. Well, from a. Swedish viewpoint the funny news was that our se ond largest city, Gothenburg, was placed out in the North Sea. Now Aplle has corrected these evident and embarrasing flaws.
        I downloaded Google Maps and I must say I like the graphics and functions a little better than Apples own maps. The decisive factor is that Google includes talking directions. Before my wife or myself had to follow our passage with one eye on the little iPhone map; a quite suicidle task. Now I have the in-ear head set in and have a soothing female voice telling me e axactly what to do and whe to turn. (Who can that woman be, anyway? Hmmm…)
        No, would be a silly step to lock out an app that so many seem to like – just because it is competing with Apple’s own app. somehow “Sovietic” in its approach and rather bad PR for Apple itself. If Apples own maps are as good as some of you say, well may it then be downloaded more then Google’s and be happy with this. Don’t go against the liberal spirit of the Internet. You will just shot yourself in the foot, Apple.

  2. Stop lying to youself. There must be a reason why apple’s map gets such a bad review. Sure depending on where you using, it might be fine but the inconsistency is what the problem is. Tell apple that the map app is bad so they can fix it!

  3. Fact of life – google mapping data is far superior than apple and apples design of map app is a generation ahead of googles map app design. Apples map app has the potential to beat google maps if mr. cook spends a few more bucks in making a smarter acquisition of a company holding perfectly updated maps with a trillion POI (Like Nokia for example…err yes Nokia)instead of making its mapping team burn midnite oil and take another 5 years to match google map data..

    1. My favourite app is Apple Maps. Apple Maps are anything BUT what you say.

      It is not Googles job to correct any “conceived” problem with Apple Maps….that much I do agree…..but it seems Google are doing just that. WONDER WHY?

    2. as you do not indicate in your statements that those are ‘y’all’s opinion’, one must assume y’all are attempting to define the absolute. Given that, and also given that apple maps does work well at this time, you, sir, can fuck off

  4. I live in Altrincham, UK. But when I enter my post code into Apple Maps, it says I am in Sale! NB: Sale is about 3 miles down the road. I reported this immediately when I received my iP5, but it still has not been corrected. What puzzles me further is the fact that most other mapping app’ns have accurate post code destinations, including TomTom, and TomTom is supposed to have “supplied” Apple with data.

  5. To help clear up misconceptions:

    Apple isn’t using their own map data. They are using data from TomTom and others.

    Their map data is perhaps not yet as comprehensive as Google’s but that’s great for Apple because Apple never had a cell phone in a crowded market either and then look what has happened.

    Any problems with Maps is so far overblown and perpetuated by some Apple haters. Most, including me, love Maps and am very happy using while not missing Google at all.

    Apple haters should get a life.

    1. Apple maps work very well, however the quality of the base data outside the US varies very much. For instance, search for “Beira, mozambique” and look at the names of the main avenues, they datil show the mame of the portuguese dictator Salazar. All those names were changed in 1974 when the country became independent. So you have a map

      1. So you have a map that is 38 years out of date.
        As you can see, Apple maps is not even close to perfect, at least out of the US. Granted in mozambique you probably dont have many Apple gear but still, a 38 years out of date map is “kind” of an insult to the faithfull users.

      2. When you think about the scope of it, the vastness and detail of the whole deal for every little road, business, etc. in the entire world it’s amazing that it can be done with as much accuracy as it’s done by ANY company! I don’t see how any of them can be completely flawless, now or ever.

    2. My only problem with the – using Tom Tom data – quote, is that I also have Tom Tom on my iPhone and it doesn’t have the same mistakes, so how old is the Tom Tom data that they are using? Oh and I am an apple lover.

  6. Looking at the comments, almost no one has mentioned what really makes Google Maps number 1 mapping solution. I live in US and yes I have yet to see Apple Maps fail geographically but, geographic accuracy is not everything. Google Maps offers much much more than that. I can ask for a store’s nearest locations, look up a particular one’s phone number, enter an address with a “less common” street name, no problem. Not to mention street view to check if I’m really at the right place. Apple Maps has none of these great stuff, or fails miserably. I’m neither an Apple nor a Google fan, but as soon as Google Maps for iPhone is out, Apple Maps R.I.P’ed.

  7. Having offline maps is immensely useful

    If Apple never forced Google’s hand, we’ll still be stuck in iOS 5 era maps that is bitmap based (read : bandwidth wasting) and lack offline caching

    Because of Apple’s insistence, now we get 2 different mapping solutions for iOS, both vector based. And the best part – Google now has to provide maps to iOS for free and losing out a big chunk of licensing revenue that could’ve came from Apple if they partnered with them instead of being their rival and stealing their customers.

  8. Not sure I understand this story…

    My iPad has a very nice Maps app which features Search, Directions, Routes, and (most importantly for me) Street View.

    It’s all quick and easy, and reasonably accurate so far as I can tell, especially with Street View so you can actually see where it is you are wishing to find.

    I thought this was a Google app…

  9. Google is flop in tablet market so they aren’t developing google maps for iPad .If they develop their parent app which is available in both markets .Than there will be no one buy their Android tablet n iPad will get more popular than their tablet bcoz it has best market
    In the world than any other tablet.

  10. Apple maps for the country I live in (Thailand) is absolutely ridiculously bad. Streets wrong, streets missing, landmarks wrong or missing, wrong names, even compleet islands missing (Koh Phi Phi is a prime tourist destinations: these 2 islands are not on the map!!) and much more. To sum it up: useless!

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