Will Samsung’s anti-iPhone 5 ad come back to bite them?

“Shortly after Apple introduced the iPhone 5, Samsung’s propaganda PR machine went into high gear mocking the new phone and Apple fans in general,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple.

“One particular ad mocked Apple’s decision to reposition their headphone port to the bottom of the iPhone 5,” Purcher writes. “In 2011 a new Apple patent application was published by the US Patent Office which clearly indicated that Apple is seriously considering a pico-like projector for their future iDevice line up. Wouldn’t it make sense that Apple might be saving the top side of the iPhone 5 for a future compact projector? Isn’t that where users would want such a projector to be positioned on a future iPhone so that it would be easier to point to a display or projector screen?”

Purcher reports, “Last week Sharp revealed that they had developed a high-efficiency red laser diode for displays. The new laser [see full article for image] could be integrated into mobile devices as a ‘compact projector’ …The lasers will come onto the market sometime in early Q1 2013.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Really? Pico projectors? We’re still talking about them? Like they matter? Who the frack gives a crap about projecting to a wall? It’s time to accept that most useful features have been achieved on a small device. It’s time to focus our interest elsewhere. Pico projectors… really?

    1. Business people, kids projecting a movie on a school wall or inside a tent. But Apple shows it as a business tool. Instead of carrying a notebook, a presenter will set an iPhone with projector on a conference table. I’m sure that Apple will sell it with a fold out stand.

      I think it could be a nice business class feature for the iPhone.

      Years ago people said a tablet was stupid, and who’s laughing now?

      The report only suggests this one idea because that’s what the patent described. But Apple could be reserving that for another feature such as hold a new stylus etc. Apple moved the port for a reason and something is likely to replace the one time port in the future.

    2. “…to accept that most useful features have been achieved…”
      This rather reminds me of Lord Kelvin over 100 years ago:
      “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”
      Let the creative people be creative – The Next Big Thing will be something we don’t expect.

      1. 99% of the Apple users thought tablets were useless before Apple made them popular. You’re forgetting Apple history and how Apple fans get it wrong 99% of the time. Your negative view is so typically common.

    3. Samsung introduced the SP-H03 two-years ago and “shocked” the pico projector-using world with their tiny cubed projector that boasts 30 whole lumens. whoa.

      No one cares about Pico projectors, until Apple delivers one.

      Remember how prior to 2007 when everyone thought they owned a smartphone?

  2. Samsung is just desperate to use ANYTHING in marketing their phones versus iPhone. The fact that they would point out the location of the headphone jack on iPhone 5 is just one point.

    For example, the whole “touching phones to send a video” thing is a stupid feature to highlight in ad after ad. These are smart MOBILE phones (handheld computers) with continuous wireless network connections. I don’t want to “touch” my iPhone to someone else’s phone to send them something. Why is that even considered an attractive feature that would make a customer choose Samsung over Apple? I guess they’ve got nothing else. Next we’ll see ads with Samsung tablet users holding up their tablets and touching them, and proclaiming iPad users can’t do that… They’re right, iPad users would never want to do that.

    And their ad slogan “The next big think is already here,” just made me think, BIG is right. Big screens to hide the big hardware behind.

    1. If Apple uses the top side of the iPhone for another function, then Samsung’s position that the port shifting to the bottom was an error will blow up in their face. Backfire. Bite them in the ass.

      1. No, it won’t backfire on Samsung. Except for a subset of devoted Apple fans, most people won’t even remember that Apple shifted the location of the headphone port on the iPhone. At most, they might have a vague memory of Samsung TV commercials ridiculing Apple iPhones.

    1. That would be great! I hate having to physically plug my iphone into the vehicle to pipe the sound thru the speakers, and no I dont want to do it via bluetooth….

      1. You’ll excuse me in advance, but this seems like “constructed” angst.
        You don’t want to use bluetooth, nor do you want to plug your phone in (for reasons not completely clear) which could keep the unit charged (if you were using the GPS extensively ). But, you DO want to try to transmit FM to the car radio? Really, REALLY?
        FM transmission to the radio barely works (and typically very low fidelity) in the best of conditions and not at all in congested and or interference prone areas.
        Bluetooth and physical connections on the other hand work reliably nearly all the time and in virtually any environment.

      2. You must live far away from civilization if FM works where you live as a method to transmit sound from a handheld device to your car. The rest of us on the planet already know that feature is a complete failure. Bluetooth actually works for the vast majority of the rest of us humans who live in civilized areas. Plugging in your phone while in the car likewise allows the phone to charge which is very helpful considering the battery constraints in handheld devices.

  3. “I hate having to physically plug my iphone into the vehicle…”
    Such passion over the utter trivia of a luxury-ridden, privileged life! Blows my mind every time I see it here (or on other sites). Hey Lawrence, a lot of people in the world would probably cut off a hand to gain a life with such problems.

    Personally, I hate children dying from starvation, psycho company owners knowingly killing people with poisonous, or otherwise dangerous products, rape, religious fanatics who think everyone else should follow their bronze-age myths or die, and much else.

    By all means discuss such points. That’s what we’re here on MDN for. But “hate” — Sheesh!

    1. I hate people having kids they can’t feed. Why knock up the wife when you are starving to death.

      The Stone Age Eskimos had it right. In the middle of the winter, when you’re out of food, you eat the kids. In the good times, you could always have more kids. No sense everyone dying.

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