Happy New Year!

It’s already Tuesday, January 1, 2013 in some parts of the world. In fact, New Year’s Day is now half over in Kiritimati (Christmas Island) – greetings from the past!

As we post this, we still have 7 more hours to go, but regardless of when it rolls around this big ball to you, MacDailyNews wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2013!

We believe a very important and extremely eventful year is about to begin in the land of Apple. Watch and see, Tim Cook and co. are revving up to surprise just about everybody!

Thank you very much for visiting MacDailyNews and for patronizing our sponsors, without whom we would not exist. We really appreciate your visits and feedback. Thank you! To those of you who’ve sent us links, and to all of the MDN regulars, an extra special thank you!

Lucky ’13 is primed to be a record year for Apple in more ways than one – we can’t wait!

Happy New Year!


    1. I hope you’re paying! Happy New Year to all my friends and acquaintances here on MDN. May this year be a happy and healthy one for all. May we be blessed with more troll repellant and greater Apple products! May Apple stockholders have a great relief from all the FUD and unwarranted market drops this year. May we see prosperity to all in their endeavors.

      Again, a Very Happy New Year to all. May 2013 bring great things in all our lives.

            1. MDN doesn’t help when it posts political content. But we, the forum participants, have the ability to apply self-control. The question is, will we choose to exercise that option?

              F has expressed a desire for everyone to be nicer to each other this year. He has held out the olive branch, and I am glad to accept it. This is a site to discuss Apple products, services, content, and hopes and rumors. No one should be called a troll for pointing out legitimate flaws in Apple’s approach or products. And no one should be called a fanboy for supporting Apple even when Apple’s execution fails to meet expectations from time to time.

              Except for a few trolls, we are here because we share, in part or in whole, a preference for Apple products and the Apple ecosystem and the hope that Apple will continue to improve its offerings and innovate into new territories. Let’s start on that common basis and work from there.

        1. Hear, hear!

          Three suggestions: 1) post in threads that don’t have political angles; 2) make a point of posting in threads that actually relate to Apple; and 3) don’t bring politics into threads where they don’t belong.

          It’s easy (for most of us, anyway). And Happy New Year, F10T12! 🙂

  1. Happy New Year everyone. I was thinking that with all the TV and radio shows coming up soon with their top list (news stories, songs, movie) it might be a hoot to have the best icals of the year.

    Like who put on their calendar that “First 2008 Then 2012” would change their handle to “First 2014, Then 2016” after the election?

    Might be a hoot, then again…

    At any rate, happy new year.

    1. I wish all of us a more peaceful, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.

      For me, I’m still waiting on the new Mac Pro. Please don’t screw it up, Apple.

  2. Happy New Year MDN. It has been a pleasure to read the articles you present for us to digest each day in 2012. The MDN ‘takes’ are always meaningful, barbed and balanced. Thank you and a Happy New Year to all you ‘fellow contributors’ to MDN, I don’t always agree with many of you but you never leave me feeling ‘bored’ and or ‘disappointed’.

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