FRAND abuse: Samsung could face $15 billion fine for trying to ban Apple iPhone via standard-essential patents

“Samsung could face a $15 billion fine in Europe alone for using ‘standard-essential’ patents in its attempts to ban devices like the iPhone in its ongoing patent battle with Apple,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“The Guardian reports that the European commission could impose a massive fine of up to 10% of Samsung’s global turnover following its investigation into Samsung’s use of standard-essential patents in complaints filed against Apple in Europe,” Epstein reports. “Samsung’s revenue totaled $148.9 billion in 2011, so fines in Europe alone could reach $14.8 billion.”

Epstein reports, “Samsung withdrew its motion asking to ban sales of the iPhone and iPad across Europe last week, just days before the European Commission made its objections to Samsung’s use of standard-essential patents public.”

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      1. I agree, my ice tea shot right out of my nose when I read the article. I love when bad things happen to bad people. Not to mention a bunch of copycats trying to steal Apples tech by using unfair essential patents extortion. Get that checkbook ready SamDung!!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the E.U. must be looking for an “external” source of revenue. Samsung stepped right into it… Kinda makes the $1.05B that Samsung owes Apple look almost trivial.

    2. government fining a company does set a precedent tho…

      but yes Samsung has abused FRAND…

      AND YES… EU wants the money…

      Too bad this isnt making news in the U.S…. unless this goes through…

    1. If you, inside Slamdung, decided to file FRAND infringmeent against Apple and wound up being responsible for a $15Billion fine, what job do you think you would get next?

  1. Surely that 15 Billion could be put to much better use elsewhere. So why does this happen in the first place? The CEO wants to pursue it, the lawyers say “bad idea” and the CEO slams his fist down and says to do it anyway. And now they go running away from the EU Killer Rabbit with their jackal tails between their legs. Great strategy.

  2. To sum it up in two words: Never happen.

    No way anyone is going to give Apple that much money. Mostly everyone is desperately trying to take money from Apple just on general principle.

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