Apple at $800: Why it will ‘blow the doors off’ in 2013

“Apple has been knocked down over the past three months – shedding billions in market cap with shares falling almost 30% from an all-time high of $705,” Richard Saintvilus writes for The Motley Fool.

“Whether or not this drop is justified depends on who you ask,” Saintvilus writes. “However, it was remarkable (if not shameful) to have witnessed how quickly the entourages — excuse me, ‘analysts’ — disappeared off the bandwagon.”

Saintvilus writes, “Though it’s true Apple’s Q1 outlook was uninspiring, on the other hand, the company is known to under-promise and to over-deliver. The company’s projections of $11.75 per share on revenues of $52 billion now appear extremely conservative. With iPhones having regained its market lead in the U.S. and expected to represent well over 50% of Apple’s fiscal Q1 revenues, I can’t imagine a bigger ‘no-brainer’ on the market.”

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    1. There you go once again, Raymond, you illiterate, braying jackass. The only thing that is “simple” in your post is a continued lack of insight and communication skills. (Clearly, English is not your native language, but if you can’t do any better than the above, please try posting on a North Korean site instead, not here!)

  1. Analysts are not supposed to be part of the entourage. Nor fanboys. $800? Dunno? Maybe someday? But I see $600-$650 on the horizon after first quarter earnings call in January. Retail sales were down and that will impact AAPL some. Fiscal cliff resolution (even temporary) will be a kick starter.

    1. It’s sketchy to assume Appke will be impacted by that.

      Apple has had huge sales gains in periods of shrinking retail sales before.

      In some ways Apple could be driving that.

      Retail sales could be down in part because everyone bought iPads this year instead of games, toys and other junk.

      1. “Retail sales could be down in part because everyone bought iPads this year instead of games, toys and other junk.”

        It would be the same amount not a decrease in total sales. If I spent $1500 in an Apple Store (not hard to do) instead of going to 10 different stores spending $15, I would’ve spent the same amount. Obviously, those 10 retailers that didn’t get my business will have total lower sales of $1500, but Apple’s sales > by $1500. Net gain/loss = $0.

  2. Sounds like the same old HS story that has lost me half a million bucks SO in 2012!! Until there is PROOF FROM APPLE that they dispute ALL the HS stories that have been speculated about them over the last few months and ALL the haters erased from the short-sell component of the press,

    Cook is doomed. Doesn’t matter what he or the company do. The financial parasites that thrive on fear, self-perceived insider knowledge, rumor and lies will crush Apple because they think it’s fun… Facts, no one cares about facts..

    1. So you are saying that based upon your outlook, Microsoft died years ago and its just their ghost that lives on.

      Apple making BILLIONS of dollars each quarter while the anal…..yst in Wall Street show they think Apple is worth less than the money it has on hand.

      Now sorry if you have lost paper money on Apples stock price drop, but if you have that much to play with, you should be buying up Apple by the hand full getting ready for 2013.

      Just a thought. Ps,,, maybe Apple is doomed and it will end in 8-12 months…. And an asteroid could hit earth even before then… One never knows. /s

  3. Take a look at a short snapshot of Apple’s historical P/E here:
    It’s absolutely pathetic how Wall Street thinks of Apple. Not even the introduction of the iPhone or iPad gave Apple the benefit of any growth. You don’t find many companies making the cash that Apple is or growing in revenue, being looked at like it’s doomed to fail quarter after quarter. The only reason there was a P/E rise in 2009 because the recession brought Apple down horribly, much more than it should have.

    Based on this chart, Apple’s P/E will just continue going down and down. This is why I think Apple shareholders are totally screwed. This company gets absolutely no respect at all. The only thing Wall Street sees from this company is failure. Play around with any number of companies, excluding HP or Dell and their chances of success are almost always better than Apple’s from Wall Street’s point of view. Why is Apple always seen as a failing company is what I’d like to know? This company has always been marked for zero growth. Explain that. Apple went from being a middling tech company to one of the most powerful companies on WS and not even that gives it a chance of success judging from its ever falling P/E. Investors never had or have any confidence in this company.

    That’s why I doubt Apple will ever see higher share prices with the P/E dropping the way it is. They’ll need to make $75 billion each quarter just to stay even if this BS keeps on. $510 a share, dammit and dropping lower each day isn’t the direction to get to $800. Based on this chart, 2013 looks to be worse than 2012 for Apple shareholders.

  4. “Whether or not this drop is justified depends on who you ask,” Saintvilus writes.

    No, the real question is why was Apple bid up so high & so quickly? Value has nothing to do with PE ratios and all the other BS that gets commonly quoted. Value is simply the price the market will support. Apple never was a $700 stock minus manipulation and fanboi hype.

    It’s a nice $400 stock and only $112 to go.

    1. How can you say a stock with a 15 PE was bid up too high when the avg PE of the S&P 500 is 17 right now? AAPL’s PE and PEG ratios are its valuation. And those valuations are drastically low. Apple’s PE will come back to 14-15 in the next 6 months.

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