China to crack down on ‘malicious’ trademark registrations following Apple ‘iPad’ debacle

“China plans to change the law to crackdown on ‘malicious’ trademark registrations, state media said on Monday, after a series of cases in which well-know international brands and individuals have had their names or copyright misused,” Reuters reports.

“Foreign governments, including the United States, have for years urged China to take a stronger stand against intellectual property rights violations on products ranging from medicines to software to DVD movies,” Reuters reports. “Basketball legend Michael Jordan is one of the latest to accuse a company of using his name without permission, and French luxury group Hermes International SCA and Apple Inc have faced trademark problems too.”

Reuters reports, “The proposed amendment will offer protection to major international brands, giving copyright owners the right to ban others from registering their trademarks or from using similar ones, even if such trademarks are not registered, the official Xinhua news agency reported.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to proposing entering the 20th century, China.


  1. The damage to MJ & Apple is already done. Lawless is as lawless does. Gaagle is the WORST offender & it’s unethical engine keeps a rollin’ on unabated due in part to the U.S. government & Wall Street’s nepotism.

    1. That’s a literary device known as sarcasm. If China makes these improvements, then they will have entered the TWENTIETH century — i.e. they’ll would then be only a century behind in respect for and laws about protecting IP.

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