Google confirms widespread outage: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Play, Chrome Sync affected

“According to our own tests and many reports on Twitter, Gmail and other Google services, such as Google Play, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Chrome Sync, appear to be down for many users,” Romain Dillet reports for TechCrunch.

“Some users report that their Chrome browsers are crashing when they load What started as a Gmail outage is more important than expected,” Dillet reports. “Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Play appear to be down for many users.”

Dillet reports, “A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch: We are currently experiencing an issue with some Google services. For everyone who is affected, we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Alright! I admit it, it was me!

    I tried pose the question to Google Search: “Has Google ever actually inventing ANYTHING?” and the whole freakin’ thing went down!


  2. Exhibit #1 on Cloud Computing:
    If your data isn’t local it isn’t secure & reliable.

    If you need it now and the service is down it’s effing worthless.

    1. This desn’t really seem like a fair argument. Their datacenters probably have a higher uptime/downtime ratio than any hard drive you’ve ever owned.

      1. The problem with the cloud is the weakest link- it’s not necessarily about the data center.

        About a year and a half ago a tornado took out the power lines between my house and our substation, putting us out of electricity, wired internet, cable TV, landline Telephone for almost 4 days. It also took out the power to the closest cell tower- effectively killing it as it’s backup power lasted hours- not days.

        Since I have backup power, I had use of my computers and had local storage of files. If I depended upon the cloud, I would have had nothing available to me.

        I’ll keep my local backups of my files and an offsite copy of critical files. None trusted to the cloud.

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