1. In their quest to give us what we do not know but have always wanted once they unveil it, Apple inc. is using a leaf out of their book to leaf the competition (What competition?) behind 🙂

  2. This maybe for such a time, in case Apple decides to split its business in to units. Maybe New TV will carry a leaf logo!, maybe a chip manufacturing subsidiary, to carry a Leaf Logo!!

  3. IMHO the decision is not that stupid. It would stop the use of the leaf to make up a pear/cherry/etc logo, looking like the Apple logo.
    The leaf is visually recognizable… it stands out.

    Then again, some lawyer gets paid to come up with intricate IP protections. Wish Apple went in such detail with their GUIs and connected functionality… *GRUMBLE GRUMBLE*

  4. This has a lot to do with their recent case with Samsung and the UK court ruling and the ‘apology’ that was not an apology – The UK is not Apple friendly (understatement), so Apple needs to cover ‘everything’.

  5. More BS from the “We own the rectangle” company. As if they don’t adopt ideas from other companies. (iOS notifications bite off Android and are still inferior)

    Hopefully the USPTO will stop lying down for Apple and void some of their more silly registrations.

    Come on, they own the oval shape? This means that any representation of a leaf could be opposed for trademark registration. This application should be denied on the basis that the mark is not distinctive.

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