App developers shun Microsoft’s Surface tablet

“Microsoft has reportedly spent more than $1.5 billion to market its new operating system, Windows 8, and accompanying mobile device, the Surface. But the messaging seems to be lost on prominent app developers,” John McDermott reports for Advertising Age.

“Despite offering more lucrative revenue splits for app developers than competitors Google and Apple, many of the largest digital media properties in the U.S. and makers of the most-popular tablet apps have decided that developing apps for the Surface — and the Windows app store in general — is not yet worth their tim,” McDermott reports. “The most glaring omission is Facebook, a company that Microsoft invested $240 million for 1.6% stake in 2007. ‘That’s a bad thing,’ said Ray Velez, chief technology officer of digital agency Razorfish.”

McDermott reports, “Of the 10 app publishers that earned the most revenue on iOS in October according to app analytics firm App Annie, only one shop, Gameloft, currently has at least one app available for the Surface.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The failure of epic proportions continues unabated.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Martin” for the heads up.]

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  1. Is it any surprise? Really?

    Windows 8 is a confusing mess of two UI’s boot-strapped together to form possibly the worst user experience.

    Combine this with umpteen different versions varying in flavour from cow poo to elephant snot and it is no wonder users are confused.

    1. I still don’t understand their theory behind making multiple versions of what is essentially the same product. I mean I understand it makes them money, but surely this is outweighed by the myriad of work involved to create ~8 versions of the same thing?

      Must be crazy weed they’re smoking in Redmond.

  2. Come on guys give Steve B a break! Oh, wait, no that would be as silly as he is!!
    Amazing that they can’t take a trick. Bill Gates was a good guy, but Steve B seems to be regarded as complete joke!!
    Anyone know why????

    1. Bill Gates was not a good guy. He didn’t know anything about technology, just learned from his daddy about predatory licensing, predatory contracts, predatory partnerships, and predatory monopoly practices.

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  4. Win8 is confusing, irrational, awkward to navigate, dumbed down to near nothingness, married to hardware that splits at the seams, wastes acres of screen real estate, is severely limited in use, chock full of annoying adverts, eats memory, eats battery power, robs software of a resizable window environment, looks childish and acts schizophrenic and they wonder why no one wants to write software for it?

    I do wonder why, I really do.

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