Samsung claims Apple iPhones use patented technology in UK trial

“Samsung Electronics Co. will argue Apple Inc. smartphones use its protected technology without authorization in a London trial starting today,” Kit Chellel reports for Bloomberg.

“Samsung claims Apple infringed patents key to how phones send and receive information on third-generation mobile networks,” Chellel reports. “Apple argues the patents aren’t valid and, regardless, Samsung must license the technology’s use under fair terms if it’s vital for connecting to modern networks, according to the iPhone maker’s court filings.”

Chellel reports, “Samsung is trying to hit back after a California court ruled in August it had to pay $1.05 billion for copying Apple products.”

MacDailyNews Take: Trying to hit back using utility patents after getting knocked out with design patents is absolutely fruitless.

Chellel reports, “Intel Corp., which makes computer chips for Cupertino, California-based Apple, has been licensed to use the Samsung patents, Apple said in its court documents. Apple hasn’t shown any interest in buying a license to use the technology, Samsung countered in its court filings… Under phone industry standards, companies owning the rights to essential technology must license it to competitors on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, known as FRAND.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More FRAND abuse from Shamlessdung.

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    1. You completely misunderstand what happened in the last trial in the UK. In that trial, Apple sued Samsung for infringing on its registered designs relating to iPad. Those registered designs included details such as “no logo on the front” and something about the edges of the device. The judge correctly found that Samsung’s device (which does have a logo on the front and has different edges) did not copy Apple’s registered design details. Apple DID NOT sue on the issue of patents. Apple is to blame for the UK fiasco for suing under laws that Samsung had not broken.

      1. Thanks Joe but I read quite a bit about that messy trial and I do not want to start a new thread on this. But I really doubt that Apple would ever get a fair trial in the UK. Sad but true.

  1. WS loves the UK. With hardly any codified law, judges are kings.

    Of course these judges are beyond reproach. Apple will get a fair hearing. Some people have a bridge to sell you too.

  2. when apple will stop doing the whole bullshit, peace will come. remember, Apple started lawsuit first. they should make a conclusion soon. otherwise, it will never end. do you think that Samsung intentionally do counter suit? NO. it’s all because of Apple.

    1. Yes Samsung intentionally counter sues. It is playing defense and trying to shift people’s attention away form what it really is doing. Apple only sued after attempts to negotiate a settlement or agreement with Samsung failed. Samsung thinks it can do what ever it wants because its a Korean company and the rules of foreign companies and foreign countries don’t matter. Samsung keeps making and selling new phones so fast is to confuse customers and the courts. FYI Korean companies tend to have a very poor track record in international courts for now Samsung is getting lucky but that will change soon.

    2. Actually, Apple did not do the first lawsuits in all of this. Apple did sue Samsung the first time before Samsung sued Apple. But Apple did not file the first suit in *ALL* this mess.

      No matter how many times people love to quote Steve Jobs’ “thermonuclear” comment, Apple did not start this mess.

      Besides, Reuters did a short study a little while back of all the suits Apple has had involvement in the last few years in any way, worldwide. They found that for over 50% of the suits Apple was the defendant. In about another 20 to 25 percent or so (I don’t recall the exact number) Apple was counter suing after being sued first. When all was said and done, Apple was the outright initiator in the suits less than 20% of the time. (There were other odds and ends of circumstances to get to 100%.)

      So Edward, get back to reality. Samsung is not suing Apple only because Apple sued them. If that were true then Samsung would ONLY be filing counter suits and absolutely nothing else!

    3. Hey, Edward. I hear that Samsung claims that their fecal matter doesn’t smell. Living in a cesspool, you can be the perfect judge of that, unless of course, you’ve been bought off by them! Why would that not surprise me? D======))))

    4. Apple is protecting what they have invented and created. They work hard at it and it shows. Samsung is trying to protect what they steal. They work hard at this too and in court, it shamelessly shows.

  3. Samsung is clearly a “Clear and Present Danger” to the United States of America as Samsung is continuing to copy from, steal from, and bully Apple (an American company and the world’s most valuable company). Samsung should be branded as a terrorist organization.

    1. A little tar and feathering would be just the medicine for the Samsung CEO. You know these guys have “O.J.’d” their thought processes convincing themselves they have done no wrong and interpret others calling them to the carpet for it as “outrageous.” There must be a word for this type of stealing third pirating world mentality without any moral conscience. As if its the norm and a perfectly acceptable practice.

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