Mac of the Future: the CPU

“Imagine a 13-inch Macbook Air with a retina-class display that weighs a few ounces less than the current model,” Loyd Case writes for Macworld. “Or maybe it weighs the same, but you can use it all day without plugging into wall power.”

“That vision could become a reality—if Apple adopts the next generation Intel CPUs, code-named Haswell,” Case writes. “There have been rumors that Apple may be moving away from Intel for its Macbook and iMac lineup.”

Case writes, “But given the progress of Intel’s CPUs and the difficulty of making a switch, it’s unlikely Apple will abandon Intel in the near term.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Hell no, it won’t be soon. But think about iOS. Doesn’t need Windows, doesn’t need dual-boot. It won’t be long before OSX won’t need it either. It’ll sound old-fashioned to care. That’s when the switch happens. I’d say 5-8 years from now is when… Therefore they’re beginning to plan for that now.

    1. As iOS is for hand-held devices, it’s no wonder you’ve no need to dual-boot. For many of us, the things I use my iPhone for are quite different from what I use my desktop for. I doubt I’ll ever need/want to dual-boot with an iPad, but the ability to do it on my desktop (strictly for games) is important to me.

  2. Personally I don’t care what “makes it go”.

    As long as it can paint a responsive interface on the screen, and has enough horsepower behind the scenes to crunch the bigger numbers, whatever works.

    Having said that, it better work.

    My 2 year old MacMini is getting flaky in the iPhoto & iTunes department (‘specially when Time Machine kicks in). And I can’t quite get through two full days between charges with my year-old iPhone 4S.

    Love them to death, but not cool.

    1. A two-year old MacMini is getting flaky with iPhoto and iTunes? Seriously, WTF? I was doing serious Photoshop work for blue-chip clients twelve years ago with a PowerPC Tower, running a 425MHz dual-processor, and 1Gb of RAM. If that could handle large files, with a lot of layers, and filters, then I’m pretty sure a Mac Mini can handle the sort of limited processing that iPhoto offers, and certainly iTunes. My Mac Mini, which is a year old, with 4Gb of RAM, certainly has no issues handling 144Gb of music in iTunes, and four or five thousand photos in iTunes.

      1. Hey, I was doing the same 17 years ago with 72 MB of ram on a 60 MHz PowerMac using a spare SyQuest cartridge as a scratch disc.

        That doesn’t change the fact that my MacMini often gets bogged down for seemingly no reason. I know (better than most) that skimming through thousands and thousands of 10 megapixel JPEGs is nothing to sneeze at. Still, it would seriously piss off any normal person (like my wife) trying to use it to manage our vacation photos. W-wh-why-why-is-it-so-jerky?

        Flipping through films using cover-flow in iTunes is a similarly start-stop proposition.

        Could it be because our stuff is on a large USB drive, and the computer is sipping it all through an inadequate little straw? Sure, maybe. But where else are you supposed to store your stuff?

          1. Good idea. But I thought we were past all that these days.

            I’d have no problem buying/running DiskWarrior (could probably still dig up the box for my old System 7 version!), but frankly that’s too much to ask of normal consumers.

          2. Holy! I just looked. DiskWarrior is $99.

            I’ll probably buy it (in the old days it saved my butt a few times over), but I simply couldn’t ask my mother in law, or my sister to buy something like that.

  3. if i were apple in the position it is in. i would apply a little pressure onto intel to get access to the haswell chips now in order to customize such chips and also the ability to get them a month earlier than competitors

    1. i also forgot to mention that i didnot see in the article that the haswell chips have the ability to run off of solar power without being plugged in. so these chips may spark the end of arm chips in ios devices if they are that efficient

      check out this video

    1. That’s the thing with Inel, about the time you are ready to write them off they seem to suddenly raise the bar.

      They need to feel threatened before they act however and last time it took AMD kicking them around so maybe this time it’ll be arm

  4. they’ve got a great new mac mini but they don’t run ads for it.
    Most PC people don’t know they can get a mac for 599 or that there is even such a thing as a ‘headless’ mac.

    Windows 8 is bombing for many yet with Christmas Looming and many PC people thinking of switching Apple doesn’t run Macs and OSX “is better” ads. ( Mac PC guy ads died in 2009… )

    No iMac ads either and the “Apple” salesguys at Best Buy does not even know a Mac Pro EXISTS…

    (I’ve posted this before and people are probably bored stiff with my rants. but seriously I’m BAFFLED with Apple’s mac policy: Christmas, Windows 8 dud = opportunity $$$ and Apple is silent. Are the Apple SVPs now so rich they are not hungry anymore?” )

    (for the flamers: I’m not saying stop iPad, iPhone push but asking they just spend a few bucks on Mac promotion. they could afford it years ago with dozens of Mac PC guy ads when they were smaller, they can afford it now… )

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