What Black Friday may mean for Apple iPads

“Apple’s iPad has proven to be disruptive, innovative and a market leader,” Darcy Travlos writes for Forbes. “The iPad’s performance over Black Friday lends insight into another venue that Apple is expanding its reach.”

“The iPad generated more online shopping during a record Black Friday than any other mobile device. Online sales surged past $1B for the first time ever on Black Friday last week. According to comScore, online sales were up 26% to $1.042 Billion, making it the biggest online sales day in 2012,” Travlos writes. “According to IBM’s 2012 Holiday Benchmark Reports, the greatest source of mobile traffic came from the iPad. It generated 10% of online shopping, compared to 8.7% from the iPhone and 5.5% from Android devices. And while iPad’s traffic leadership is impressive, what is more stunning is the growth from last year relative to Android devices and iPhones. Android device traffic grew 36% this year from a 4.0% market share last year. iPhone traffic grew 62% this year from 5.4% market share last year. But the iPad took the lead with an impressive 105% growth this year from 4.8% market share last year, clearly accelerating as the preferred mobile online shopping device.”

Travlos writes, ” The iPad dominated over other tablets by an even greater margin than it did with smartphones. Of the tablets connecting to online retailers, the iPad accounted for 88.3% of traffic, followed by 3.1% for the Barnes and Noble Nook, 2.4% for the Amazon Kindle and 1.8% for the Samsung Galaxy… This could have big implications for the iPad going forward. Most tend to think of the iPad as a great device for content consumption, be it reading or watching video. However, e-commerce may become the killer app for the iPad.”

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  1. Wait a minute, every single android device gets lumped into a single figure, all the tablets, phones and any other droid POS.
    Yet iOS devices gets broken out?

    OH wait, I get it, 5.5% vs 8.7 just isn’t that big, can be explained away with the classic ’rounding error’ hand wave.

    Taken as a OS platform, iOS 18.7% vs Android 5.5% tell another story, the REAL story. iOS kicks androids’ collective fragmented butt

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