Apple’s OS X 10.8.3 beta hints at new Mac Pro

“Apple’s first beta of OS X 10.8.3 has quietly added support for the AMD Radeon HD 7000 series of graphics cards, hinting that they could be featured in the company’s designed Mac Pro desktop,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Support for the dedicated desktop graphics card series could signal that AMD’s latest GPUs may be headed for an updated Mac Pro,” Oliver reports. “Apple’s lone tower computer was quietly updated in June with a modest speed bump featuring a two-year-old Intel Xeon E5645 chip.”

Oliver reports, “After users expressed frustration over that update, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook quickly confirmed that his company was working on an overhaul of the Mac Pro. He indicated that the updated desktop would be released sometime in 2013.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Did Apple state a time frame for the new Mac Pros? Or did Tim Cook just say 2013? Because you know, December 31st, 2013 is STILL 2013!

      So don’t start holding your breath just yet…

    1. Yes the MPTower is in need of an industrial design update. Yes Apple needs to make MPTower to work as a tower OR easy rack mountable server since XServe is not available.

      C’mon Jony you can do it!

    2. AS one who uses a lot of rack mounted equipment, I would be very interested in a Mac that could either stand vertically or be rack mounted horizontally, but I don’t think it will happen because the proportions will be wrong.

      Rack mounting means that it’s 19″ wide, with the height in increments of 1.75″. If you were to opt for a 19″ 2U form factor, then when stood upright, it would be 3.5″ wide and 19″ tall, which looks wrong and is unstable. I don’t see Jony designing a case that is larger than it needs to be, so making it 3 or 4U seems unlikely.

      The only rack mounting Mac pro solution that I can envisage would be if it were half rack width, so that two could fit side by side. Then the proportions would work well for vertical free standing use as well.

  1. How much you wanna bet it has no hard drive and ‘features’ some locked down foo foo design.

    I have a 2009 Quad Core and am ready to upgrade and no- an iMac of any spec is not an upgrade.

    1. I think it will still have hard drives. They don’t want to mess with pros. Consumers yes. I wonder if they will still include a FireWire port? Probably a new case design. They had better make it upgradable in all ways. But if they want to they can blow off the professional sector. We’re not much revenue. However they don’t want bad PR. So we’ll see.

      1. Apple needs to have at least one readily openable readily upgradeable full-size machine in its lineup. The recent iMacs are sweet until they break; then they’re almost unable to be dealt with. All-in-ones aren’t my ideal. An external Thunderbolt chassis isn’t my idea of the way to go either. Need a large, upgradeable tower. In the meanwhile I manage fine with a stock 2006 MacPro 1,1 driving a 27″ Apple LED display thru an Atlona DVI to MiniDIsplayPort adapter. Most reliable piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. Tough act to follow for Apple.

  2. The new Mac Pros will be “thin” and “gorgeous”, and Phil Schiller will caress the machine with amorous delight as he describes the technical specifications. Schiller’s introduction of the new Mac Pros will be borderline techno-pornographic.

    1. I must agree with you. Phil has been waiting for his moment in the sun, where he can roll out a list of stupefying specs with the offhand charm of a rich uncle in a good mood. Signs are that he wants to blow the doors off the competition, now that the fat mobile market have been satiated and out of the way. This will be a show stopper. Yeah, the rubes won’t be at this show. So what? Our turn, now. 2013.

  3. I still love my 2010 MacPro. With 2 x 512 GB SSD and 4 x 3 TB HD it’s a lot of fun. We have more than 10 of them in the company. However the video dept. always ask for more power to minimize rendering times.

  4. Oh Apple while your at it ” Just one more thing ” a MacPro Mini = MacPro Tower half sized aluminum cube ( Über Mac Mini Cube ). All the features & upgradability of MPTower but cut in HALF for small business & home business. MacPro SOHO. This would be the sweet spot in the center between Mac Mini & Mac Pro Tower.

    1. I’m definitely a follow the leader on such stuff but have wondered how it is possible that my new MP 5,1 is slow to draw simple application icons when first opening the Applications folder, I see generic icons until they resolve to the actual ones.

      Clue: I’m running 10.7.5 Lion and when I boot off my Snow Leopard drive (kept for needed legacy non-Lion apps), this redraw issue doesn’t happen, which I assume implies this is a software vs hardware issue?

      AppleCare suggests I do a clean install on my Lion drive which I haven’t done over several OS upgrades, which I really should do regardless as my system software is quite the Frankenstein by now.

      But I’m wondering with all this great info here, if part of the issue might be my graphics card is inadequate in the Lion environment plus running two monitors and should I either get a 2nd 5770 and have a separate card for each monitor, or get a 5870 for the HP 30″ and relegate the 5770 to my Cinema Display which is more for holding extra Desktop files and tools windows from various apps both of which are low level use.

      Or is the Radeon cards I’ll conceived and to do it “right” I need to swap out to a higher faster card like you’re all and the blog you provided discusses in detail.

      SPECS: 3.2 Quad Core, with stock Radeon HD 5770 – running a 30″ HP LP3065 & good ole 22″ Cinema Display.

      I’m also wondering if I goofed not getting the 3.3 GHz 6-Core processor instead of going with stock 3.2 Quad Core?

  5. It will look like it belongs to the Mac family. It will be an extension (evolution?) of the current design aesthetic, but in keeping with current overall Mac (Apple) design. Thinner and overall smaller are givens, as is aluminum.

    Might see some tapered edges as well, particularly if they keep the “handles”. I can see the “cheese-grater” disappearing if some more efficient cooling system has been developed.

    1. Jony should design a thinner vertical MPTower with REMOVABLE stainless steel “TEE” handles that unscrew from support post. These support posts enable the MPTower to be rack mounted horizontally via rack bolts that screw into post as well.

  6. Productivity users would like to see more than “hints”.

    Apple needs to stop pandering ONLY to the consumer market. Pro users & enterprise are waiting for Apple to get serious.

  7. I would assume they are waiting for the new Intel 22nm Haswell micro architecture that will be released somewhere between March-June (according to leaked roadmaps) and that will supersede Ivy Bridge. Apparently its going to be a much larger step up in performance than Ive Bridge was. You can bet the new Mac Pro’s won’t be released anytime before this…

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