GM is bringing Apple iPhone’s ‘Siri’ to the car

“Tech-savvy drivers who miss conversing with ‘Siri,’ the chatty electronic assistant built into newer Apple iPhones, are about to get a big assist from General Motors,” Chris Woodyard reports for USA Today.

“Drivers will be able to continue their chats with voice-activated Siri behind the wheel in order to perform the same tasks that they usually do on their smartphone, from checking sports scores to phoning friends,” Woodyard reports. “Only now, they will be able perform those functions while keeping their eyes on the road at all times.”

Woodyard reports, “”Siri in Eyes Free mode’ will be available in the Spark and Sonic well before the luxury brands,’ says Cristi Landy, Chevrolet’s marketing director for small cars, in a statement… Siri is found on Apple 4S and 5 iPhones. But even those still stuck in the dial-phone age are likely to know the Siri function from a blizzard of Apple print and TV ads. On TV commercials, the Siri function is demonstrated in by hip actors like Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson who ask it to play particular songs or help with a recipe.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. What I can’t understand is why the manufacturers don’t throw out all of the old junk – radio, cd (?), sat nav and just put an iPad mini in instead. It could be locked in or removed when you leave the car. A tenth of the weight too.

    No brainer.

      1. Who gives a crap about onstar? I know I don’t. It actually stears me away from GM as its difficult to get a car without it. Just as Ford’s crap interface keeps me away from their cars with it.

        1. Who gives a crap about OnStar? My wife for one. She would not give it up because she feels safe and knows with a push of a button she can get good service. Maybe it’s crude tech for you but not for many woman and older couples who struggle with more advanced tech.

          While I will agee It’s about time GM and other US car companies catch up with integration, I don’t agree with your opinion of OnStar.

  2. That article doesn’t make sense. I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado and it works with Siri via bluetooth. All I need to do is hit a button on my steering wheel.

    Now whether Siri works with my voice over road noise is a different issue…

      1. I have a 2011 Cruze Eco with the BT/USB upgrade to the radio (+SiriusXM) which is standard on the 2012 Cruze. I tap the telephone icon on the inside upper right spoke of the steering wheel, say “voice” and then “Bluetooth” at each prompt, wait for the “beep” from the iPhone over the car speakers indicating the iPhone is in Siri mode and then QUICKLY say “Call xxx, home or mobile”. Then Siri connects me. To hang up, tap the lower telephone icon on the steering wheel.

    1. Your point is great and follows my belief that until an innovation is widely available, it is just a curiosity. All the solar homes on TV don’t mean much, what means much is when a developer builds a subdivision with a hundred solar homes at a price that can be afforded by a median income family (that would be a house costing about $125K, using the old CONSERVATIVE rule of thumb that your mortgage shouldn’t be more that about 2.5x your annual income). $60K electric cars don’t do much for me, either.

      It is really sad that you must explain to this forum when you are joking.

  3. Woohoo… can’t wait to get those football scores and unreliable street directions. I won’t be impressed until they link Siri to the car’s sensors so I can ask it “do I have enough gas to get to Madison?” It has all of the data (GPS, Fuel remaining, MPG, etc) readily available to give a very reliable answer, but Apple and the car manufacturers are going to make you pay $1000s for this very easy-to-produce app.

    While we’re at it, why can’t I just slide my iPad into a slot behind the steering wheel so I can create/arrange my own gauges display? I could track my teen’s driving, check my car’ s status (fuel, tire pressure, maintenance isues etc.) from my computer or iPhone, display the car’s external cameras behind the gauges, a display showing any objects near the car and their speed/distance, display local weather radar for an oncoming storm.

    This all exists NOW and very easy to implement, but you know the automotive industry it’s going to make you think a $20 iPod cable to your car’ s existing diagnostic connector is a $1000 luxury option, just like the $50 webcam and the 20 year old GPS.

    1. Geez,
      It sounds like you will be doing a ton of stuff in your car behind the wheel….everything but concentrating on your primary objective…which should be driving.
      How much gas do I have, what’s the weather, who won the game, where are my kids, who….oh shit ….!!!!!! SLAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have a 2012 Chalkenger R/T and it works fairly well with its built in voice controls but Siri doesn’t work well for me even on stable & fast wifi. Not that wifi matters but its almost always way off the mark even with the simplest if questions or tasks I ask of it. Hopefully the back end of Siri will be improved & I might use it a little more. I’d also like to see an airplay car stereo or a way for the mirroring of the iOS screen on the in dash radio to do most of with the built in Nav can & Internet radio can do & mostly better.

  5. The inescapable future – Apple is the pioneer/leader of this technology with the only comprehensive, seamless integration of it throughout it’s superior software and hardware products.

  6. All those people screaming “government motors” are either stupid or faithful Drudge Readers. All the US did was guarantee financing for GM, since the private sector wouldn’t or couldn’t. That’s it. No takeover. No boardroom coups.

    And the only reason Ford didn’t get government aid is they happened to negotiate a large financing package right before Wall St. crashed in 2008.

    I’m no fan of GM, but at least lets bash them for good reason: boring cars with tired features.

  7. “…to perform the same tasks that they usually do on their smartphone, from checking sports scores to phoning friends,” Woodyard reports. “Only now, they will be able perform those functions while keeping their eyes on the road at all times.”


    Sorry folks, but checking your sports scores and phoning friends while driving has been proven to end up with one simple conclusion:

    CRASHED CAR ! ! ! ! !

    That’s why this behavior has been made illegal in most US states.

    Therefore, GM and Apple, ignore this idiotic marketing-moron blethering and TURN OFF appropriate Siri features while a driver is driving. You don’t want to KILL your customers now, do you?! That would be a very marketing-moron thing to do.

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