Enterprises buying iPhones ‘in droves’: Here’s the tipping point

“BlackBerrys are on their way out, and iPhones are ready to take their place in the enterprise space, according to the latest forecast report from research firm IDC,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet.

“Enterprises and large businesses are buying the petite Apple-branded shiny rectangles ‘in droves,’ the report said, and in the coming years will likely outshine its more popular rivals in the business smartphone space,” Whittaker reports. “Looking ahead to 2016, the iPhone will reign over the business space with around 68.9 million shipments, while Android will dwindle due to its fragmented ecosystem, leaving ‘more gaps in security than many organizations are comfortable with,’ the report notes. By contrast, Apple is forecast to ship 78.6 million iPhones to end consumers, with 37.1 million shipping to business workers and 31.1 million directly to companies.”

Whittaker reports, “This is the tipping point. BlackBerry is on its way out as the business and enterprise gold standard in security and functionality, and the iPhone is heading in. ”

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  1. Android is the “Zune brown” standard. Except for the Zune was not a fragmented mess pretending to be a platform when it was really just a large screen feature phone.

  2. “BlackBerry is on its way out as the business and enterprise gold standard in security and functionality, and the iPhone is heading in.”

    Huh? That’s like saying Vanilla Ice is on his way out and Eminem is on his way in. It’s already happened.

    1. Sad but true. This will take a long time to change. But give it 5 to 7 years and things will look completely different. BYOD is changing everything. The pinheads in charge of the I T departments will change or be replaced eventually. But it won’t happen overnight. And that will be a nice steady stream of revenue for AAPL.

    2. This is changing rapidly. Many companies phones are now over internet, so telephones are controlled by IT.

      It is amazing how quickly Apple through iPhone and iPad is winning the day in corporate IT. Executives want the best, and right now that means Apple iPhones and iPads.

  3. My wife is an engineer at Texas Instruments(about as big Enterprise as you can get) and they don’t offer the iPhone, even though they directly support Apple with many of their products. They do offer the Galaxy S lll and Note. Still offering Blackberry also. I don’t get it.

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