GEAR4 debuts Lightning Dock for Apple iPhone 5 and 5th gen. iPod touch

Many iPhone 5 and new 6th gen. iPod touch users have been waiting for something like this: Gear4 has announced the Lightning Dock (sync and charge) featuring an integrated Lightning connector, for Apple’s new iPhone 5 and iPod touch. It retails for US$39.99, £34.99.

• Compact desktop design
• Designed to the latest Apple specifications
• Integrated pivoting Lightning dock
• Ideal for syncing iTunes or photos to your PC or Mac

Technical Specification:
• Lightning Connector Rating 1amp
• 1amp charging
• 0.4m Mini USB Cable

• iPhone 5
• iPod touch (5th generation)

GEAR4 Lightning Dock for Apple iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th gen.)
GEAR4 Lightning Dock for Apple iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th gen.)


More info here.


  1. Thx for the link to an out of stock item .. Yes.. I clicked the link as soon as you posted it… Pre-order it? No thx.. Monoprice will likely have a less costly option prior to “their” availability

    1. Ummm… It’s been announced but is not yet shipping. It’s a new product, not a sold out product. The link will let you be among the first to receive this new product when it hits the market, if it interests you.

      MDN – thanks for the breaking news about a new product.

  2. Surprised that people are complaining about it being $40. Apple charged $30 for the 30 pin dock. Gear4 being first to market (if they do end up being first to market) with an in demand product will of course allow them to charge a premium price.

    Sounds like some of the complainers could have a successful Kickstarter campaign if they think they can bring one out for less than $20.

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